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PCC Cinema Program Courses

Learn how to make films.
Learn how to understand films.

The PCC Cinema Program offers courses of study in cinema/filmmaking production using electronic (videotape), traditional (film), and digital media (bits and bytes).  Cinema Production courses are presently offered under the Photography department.

PCC also offers courses in Cinema Studies that examine the history, aesthetic underpinnings, and cultural significance of film and the moving image. Cinema Studies courses are found in other departments as listed below.

The production courses in the Cinema Program aim to assist each student to
1. develop hands-on skills,
2. broaden their knowledge base,
3. deepen their intellectual and analytical processes,
4. learn to work cooperatively and professionally with other filmmakers, and
5. nurture their creative voice. 

Photo 26a Beginning Filmmaking – Electronic  (3 units)
Learn the filmmaking fundamentals that open the door to your creativity!  Working on group projects you’ll be introduced to the collaborative process and a taste of on-set processes.  Individual projects will introduce you to the essential magic of cinema and visual communication.
Photo 27 Cinematography (3 units)
Explore the realm of motion picture photography!  Build your technical foundation while you investigate the artistic possibilities and unique qualities of the cinematic medium.  Learn about the roles and responsibilities of the camera crew.
Photo 26b Intermediate Filmmaking (3 units)
Expand and strengthen your filmmaking skills with digital video AND film (Super8). By making original short films in the narrative, documentary, and experimental categories you will develop your technical skills AND your creative voice!
Photo 26c Advanced Filmmaking (3 units)
Delve deeper into either film (Super8 or16mm,) or digital video (in 30i or 24p).  Sharpen your skills as a crew member.  Explore the realm of the screen director and the dialog film.  Learn to design a visual structure for your film.  Create a portfolio piece that will boost your career!
Photo 126 Digital Film Narrative–Editing with Final Cut Pro (3 units)
Explore the digital realm of filmmaking and hone your editing skills with Final Cut Pro!  Sharpen your storytelling and filmmaking skills.  Create a killer five minute short from a feature length film!  While this is essential work for future editors this course is also great for the training of directors and cinematographers too!
Photo 127 Advanced Cinematography (3 units)
This class will give you advanced training in camera and lighting with an emphasis on the responsibilities of the Director of Photography including scene creation and the visual design of an entire film.
Photo 25 Film Art (3 units)
Watch, then analyze the aesthetic and technical aspects of innovative, independent feature films.
Theater Arts 7a Early Film History (3 units)
See the films that started it all!  Discover the early gems of cinema history up through the 1940s
Theater Arts 7b Contemporary Film History (3 units)
See the best international and Hollywood films from the 1950s through today.  Examine the influence of the prominent studios and directors on cinema, art, and ideas.
English 49a Film as Dramatic Literature (3 units)
Literature on a screen!  Critically analyze film types, directors, cinematic movements and national cinemas.
English 49b Film as Dramatic Literature (3 units)
Continue your exploration and analysis of films–see how they reflect and affect history, society, and contemporary culture.
Voc 4273 Introduction to Cinema/Motion Picture Production, (non-credit)
This course, taught at PCC’s Community Education Center, gives you an introductory overview of the filmmaking process and the industry of motion pictures.


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