About the LA DADA Project:

Dada ( da-da ) n. a European artistic and literary movement of the early 20 th century founded on a rejection of traditional artistic and cultural values.
Defiance and a desire for revolution—Exploring the subconscious, dream interpretation, and automatic writing ...


In this project your objective is to create and to present, in Flash, a mid-sized poem, in this case, a DADA object poem , over the web in a way that is both functional and compelling. Using the student projects, an online poetry anthology will be created celebrating the work done by PCC's sculpture teacher Deena Capparelli and her students for a new block course in Science, English, and Art that explores, observes, paints, and measures the California Landscape. Keep in mind these two goals:

  • Look at this project as an opportunity to free yourself! Avoid the typical design solution or the look of the corporate client.
  • Seize the chance to collaborate with a fellow artist, in this case, the poet— a painter using words.