Environmental Design : EMERGING
February 17 thru March 12, 2004

Environmental Design

The study of Environmental Design develops the ability to recognize, enhance and create beauty and meaning in both the built environment and also in "non-built" environments and experiences. With the students, we research, practice and explore the full spectrum of Environmental Design in an experimental and creative atmosphere with simultaneity, multiplicity, significance and responsibility at the core. We work within a spectrum inclusive of furniture, furnishings, interiors, buildings, landscapes and urbanism, while also engaging environmental art, environmental graphics and digital and interactive environments. We explore and practice anything that constitutes an environment/experience: be it for living, working or playing; be it small, medium or large. It is about fusion. We consciously disregard traditional disciplinary boundaries and divisions, choosing a dynamic, multiple and comprehensive approach to design, that results in the students ability to fluidly and fluently navigate through scales and types in design. Significant work and full experiences are the
fundamental goals, joined by responsible and ethical constructs and acts. We instill in our students the ability to make meaningful and significant spaces, places and things in a comprehensive and simultaneous manner.

The Pasadena City College Art Gallery is supported by the Pasadena Art Alliance, Student Services, and Pasadena City College Visual Arts and Media Studies Division.
This exhibition was made possible through funding from a State of California Chancellor’s grant for the Multimedia and Entertainment Initiative as part of the Economic and Workforce Development program.

PCC Digital Media Center in conjunction with Art Center College of Design and the PCC Art Gallery presents: Environmental Design: EMERGING.

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