Environmental Design : EMERGING
February 17 thru March 12, 2004
Michael Colonnese
Image of Michael Colonnese

Combining his passions for environmental design, computer graphics, and story telling, Mike has made a career in the field of Computer Gaming. In 1999 he joined start-up company Papaya Studio in Fountain Valley CA., building Computer Generated versions of real life cars and cities for the racing game "Top Gear Dare Devil" for Kemco. After doing concept work for a few more projects at Papaya, Mike relocated to Reflexive Entertainment in Orange County, where he continued creating and designing fantasy environments for adventure themed games such as "Lionheart" and "Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 2" for Interplay. Currently Mike is working for Electronic Arts in Los Angeles as a Environmental Artist, developing new techniques for making environments more interactive and engaging for the next generation of video gamers.


Deadlands Hotwheels Lionheart Madmax
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