Environmental Design : EMERGING
February 17 thru March 12, 2004
Nadine Schelbert
Image of Nadine Schelbert

Nadine sees her work in the field of design as gravitating around two central ideas: resistance and reality. The practice she refers to as 'design of resistance', yields design that cannot be readily digested, in which viewer delight is deferred. What she refers to as 'design of reality' is design that strives for a less filtered aesthetic experience of the real. In contrast to environments that either deny or exaggerate their locale, she favors a design that allows surrounding conditions to unfold honestly. Her broad interests and diverse background allow her to navigate the fields of art, design and business, with work ranging from conceptual art installations to the design and business development of cultural and commercial venues, such as exhibition and retail spaces, hotels, clubs and restaurants. Her professional activities allow her to function globally, with interests in Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Guayaquil and Zurich.


Soba Restaurant 1 Soba Restaurant 2
SOBA Restaurant
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