Computer Facilities

Computer Facilities
Pasadena City College Art Lab

1570 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91106, R420 & R421
Telephone: (626) 585-7239, (626) 585-7238
Systems Administrator: Benjamin Wilkes

The Computer Center has undergone a major expansion due to funding by the National Science Foundation and funding for the Digital Media Center by the California State Chancellor’s Office. The labs/classrooms have been upgraded with Intel MacPro computers, Intel iMac computers and MacBook Pro laptop computers. The facilities are divided into three labs: one mobile lab and two classroom labs on the main campus of Pasadena City college. Each lab consists of 20 workstations plus an instructor’s station with high-resolution desktop projection system and stereo capability. Also available are flatbed scanners, slide scanners, Hewlett Packard color laser printers, Epson and HP color inkjet printers, video editing stations, and T1 Internet-access to all stations. Wireless internet-access is also available across the whole PCC campus.