Photography - Cinema Production/Filmmaking


This course of study prepares students with entry-level skills to seek employment in the motion picture industry (cinema and television). Emphasis is on both industry-standard production practices and artful thinking, with an eye towards innovation. Hands-on applications of classic and contemporary filmmaking principles include operation of video, film, and digital cameras, lighting equipment, production sound, computerized film editing, storytelling and writing skills, and professional organizational skills.

Although the curriculum below is a proposed program for a Future Certificate of Completion, all courses listed are available now.

Semester I

  • Photo 26A – Beginning Filmmaking-Electronic

Semester II

  • Photo 26B – Intermediate Filmmaking
  • Photo 126 – Digital Film Narrative (Editing with Final Cut Pro)

Semester III

  • Photo 26C – Advanced Filmmaking

Semester IV

  • Photo 26C – Advanced Filmmaking (Portfolio Preparation)

Recommended Electives

  • Theater Arts 7A - Early Film History
  • Theater Arts 7B - Contemporary Film History
  • Photo 25 - Film Art
  • Photo 21 - Elemntary Photography
  • Photo 30 - Introduction to Electronic Darkroom Imaging
  • Art 11A - Foundation Drawing
  • Art 15 - Sketching for Design
  • Art 31A - Color and Composition – Two Dimensional Design
  • Art 32A – Three Dimensional Design