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Summer and Fall Telecourses

Welcome to Telecourses

Bonnie Shimasaki, Distance Learning Assistant
Room: C223
Telephone: 626-585-7108

Contact: PCC Online

A graphic of imagea watching TV.Pasadena City College, a member of Intelecom, offers a number of telecourses each semester as an alternative to classes in a traditional college setting. If you successfully complete a telecourse, you can earn transferable college credit.

What is a telecourse?

A telecourse is a traditional college course which is designed for delivery by way of lectures, DVDs and video streaming. All courses earn transferable credit.

Students are required to:

  • attend all on-campus sessions held at PCC (6 meetings)
  • view the the course content via cable, DVDs or video streaming
  • complete study assignments
  • and take a midterm and final exam.
  • Required materials may be purchased at the PCC Bookstore.

Are telecourses for you?

Although students are required to meet on campus only six (6) times per semester, telecourses may not be for everyone. In general you will do well with telecourses if you are:

  • self-motivated,
  • good at time management,
  • able to work independently,
  • and are goal directed.

Each telecourse includes contact with the instructor through:

  • six (6) on-campus lectures,
  • review sessions,
  • email and voicemail.

What are the fees?

Fees for students enrolling in telecourses are the same as for students taking regular on-campus classes. See the Fees, Tuition, and Refund Information section.

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