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Summer 2013

HIST 7B: United States History from 1876
SOCIO 1: Introductory Sociology

HIST 7B: United States History from 1876

Section No. 4408 (3 units)
Prerequisite(s): None

“The Unifinished Nation Part II.” Industrial growth and its effects on American society and culture; U.S. development into a world power with the wars and responsibilities that went along with it; growing tension and strife of the 20th century attributable to race, gender, and class, prospects for the future of the united States.

Transfer credit: CSU; UC credit limitations.  See counselor.
Grading: Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass

  • 19 campus hours 6:00 - 9:10 p.m. on 6 specific Tuesday evenings
  • beginning on 6/25/13 in Room C333
  • PCC instructor: Victor Nebrida

Polsci 1: Introduction to American Government

Section No. 4425 (3 units)
Prerequisite(s): None

"Framework for Democracy ." Principles and problems of government with emphasis on national government in the United States. Polsc 1 and 2 usually required for advanced political science courses. No Credit if taken after AmerI 5.

biological, cognitive, personality, sociocultural, and existential factors
influencing the course of psychological development across the Lifespan.

Transfer credit: CSU; UC
Grading: Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass.

  • 19 on-campus hours, 6:00 - 9:10 p.m. on 6 specific Monday evenings,
  • beginning on 6/24/13 in Room C333
  • PCC instructor - Dabid Uranga


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