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Help with Managing Your Schedule

Not enough time in the day to do everything?  Forgot to complete an assignment?  Want to be better organized? Here are some resources that will assist you in getting control of your time and life.

Setting up Your Schedule

  • Step 1:   Buy a planner, or click here to print out a blank monthly calendar (make sure to print enough to cover each month in the semester). 
  • Step 2:   From each course syllabus, fill in your monthly calendar with all of the due dates for your class assignments, readings, projects, essays, field trips, and exam dates.
  • Step 3:   Put “study” times on your calendar. Make sure to budget enough extra time for big projects.
  • Step 4:   Fill in your monthly calendar with your work schedule, regularly scheduled events (i.e. club meetings, laundry day, family day, etc.), and pre-planned events (i.e. friend’s birthday, wedding, etc.).

TIP:  Use colored pens or highlighters to help your events stand out. For example, use red for your course due dates, blue for work schedule, black for regularly scheduled events, and green for pre-planned events.

  • Step 5: Review your calendar to make sure that all important events and deadlines are noted. Don’t forget to include federal holidays and dates that the school campus is closed.  Click on PCC Academic Calendar for more information.

Following & Maintaining Your Schedule

  • Step 1:   Place your monthly calendar in a visible area – someplace you will look at almost every day (i.e. next to your computer screen, refrigerator door, etc.).
  • Step 2:   Practice checking your monthly calendar before you begin your day.  Spend a couple of minutes planning your day based on your monthly calendar.
  • Step 3:   Maintain your calendar by adding any new events or due dates, deleting or rescheduling any dates or events that have been changed, and crossing-off or placing check marks next to the events that have been completed.


  1. When reviewing your monthly calendar, it may seem a bit overwhelming to see so many things that need to be done.  This may be a good time to delete any events that are taking away your time from more important activities (i.e. instead of running simple errands every day, do it all together in one day).
  2. Include “break” times in your schedule to allow for a breather, walk, or exercise.
  3. Try to keep your schedule consistent and remember that you don’t have to fill in every blank space with an event.
  4. Don’t forget to schedule “me” time in your monthly calendar as well.  This is time especially for you to spend on your hobbies, relaxing, or going to the movies.
  5. Don’t beat yourself up for what you haven’t done. Remember that this monthly calendar is a tool – it’s here to help you – so use it responsibly!