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Tips for Incorporating Images Well into your Paper

The main reason to add images to your paper is to illustrate the ideas you are trying to convey.  It is true that a "picture can speak 1000 words"--but only if it's the right picture in the right place.  In a college paper, the illustration must be there for a good reason--not just to take up space--and you should explain the image. 

Your professor might have a preference whether you put the images directly into the paper or at the end in an appendix.  Ask your professor.  Whichever approach you use, you must still refer to the image.   Describe it and explain how it serves to illustrate your point.  Generally, it is fine to use images that you have found in another source, so long as you properly give credit to the source. However, it may be better in an Architecture paper to include images that you have taken yourself, so that you can highlight exactly those aspects of the space that you wish.