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The Grants Office

Pre-Proposal Checklist

The Grants Office suggests the following guidelines to identify proposals that advance the college’s mission and have the best chance of being funded:
  • Is the proposed project consistent with the planning priorities of your Division or Department?
  • Is the proposed project consistent with the Mission Critical Priorities and Strategies in the college’s Educational Master Plan?
  • Will college resources (space, equipment) be needed /available to support the project if the grant application is successful?
  • Is there sufficient evidence/data to demonstrate need for the project?
  • Does the college currently have a program (or programs) that address the need(s) you have identified? If so, do you plan to collaborate with the project director(s) and coordinate activities and resources?
  • Is your project scalable?
  • Is there a strong, committed team ready to collaborate on proposal development?
  • Has the responsible Dean or department administrator approved development of a grant application for the project?




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