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The Teaching & Learning Center

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What is the Teaching and Learning Communities Program?

PCC’s Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) is devoted to the scholarship of teaching and learning. Its primary focus is serving the needs of first year math and English students and their instructors.

Since its inception in 2000, TLC staff members have developed a variety of innovative and effective programs, including

  • Math Jam, our summer bridge
  • XL, our first year experience program
  • a variety of support services: Conexion, a peer tutoring program; First Year Coaching; MyPCC, a student portal; and the Pathways Database to monitor and track our students’ progress
  • professional learning opportunities

In all that we do, we strive to develop and maintain a collaborative and collegial environment for and with the entire PCC community.

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Program Outcomes
  • Student Outcomes

Vision: The TLC is a vibrant, inclusive community of practice dedicated to the success of all PCC students and faculty.

To achieve our vision, the TLC staff and faculty:

  1. Work closely with the Offices of Instruction, Student Services, and Research and Planning to
    • develop, implement, and coordinate innovative programs and services across the campus so as to better serve our students
    • identify effective practices for institutionalization that align with the institution’s mission and goals
    • provide support to academic deans and their faculty and staff to ensure the success transition of effective programs from “incubation” to “institutionalization”
  1. Are actively involved in implementing and evaluating professional learning opportunities for new, returning, and adjunct faculty.
  2. Foster a culture of evidence among administrators, faculty, and staff that leads to greater success of under-prepared students.
  3. Share their research and evaluation findings, experience, and expertise with others on and off campus to effect institution and system-wide transformation.

The specific practices that emerge from the process of learning through inquiry to promote transformation will be as diverse as the issues and populations that we encounter. 


TLC Mission

TLC faculty and staff are committed to the college’s core mission of helping our students identify and achieve their academic goals in a timely manner. 

TLC Program Outcomes

TLC staff and faculty will:

  1. Identify and define teaching and learning gaps, needs, opportunities, and strengths in a range of educational settings
  2. Develop and implement strategies that address the diverse issues that affect the motivation and success of under-prepared and under-represented students
  3. Evaluate effective learning environments and strategies based on relevant research and use findings to refine, reshape, and, as appropriate, develop new environments and strategies

TLC Student Outcomes

TLC students will:

  1. Identify personal, academic and career goals
  2. Identify obstacles to academic success and use appropriate support services and resources to overcome those obstacles
  3. Demonstrate ability to actively pursue those stated goals in a timely manner