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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is XL?

    XL is a program designed to help new students make a smooth and successful transition from high school to college. 

    • In August students are required to attend a free two-week orientation to college called Math Jam. 
    • In the fall they are guaranteed math, English, a student success course called College 1, and an elective. 
    • In the spring they are guaranteed math and English and two electives.
  2. What are the advantages of joining XL?

    There are a lot of benefits to joining XL.  Students are guaranteed math and English classes in the fall and spring semesters; these classes are very hard for first-year students to get.  Students also have access to the Student Success Team – counselors, coaches, and tutors.  They can also use the computers in the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) to study, research, and complete homework assignments.

  3. Who can join XL?

    XL is a program for first-time students who have recently graduated from high school.

  4. How can I join XL?

    If you are interested in joining XL, please complete the following three steps:

Math Jam

  1. What is Math Jam?

    Math Jam is PCC’s summer bridge program and the first part of the First Year Pathways program.  During Math Jam students prepare for their fall math class, learn about the college, meet their counselors, coaches, and tutors, and have the chance to make new friends.  It lasts for two weeks and is held in August.

  2. Is Math Jam a class?

    No, the summer Math Jam is not a class.  It’s no-credit and free but is required of all students who want to enter the First Year Pathways program.

  3. Who can join Math Jam?

    Math Jam was created for new students who just graduated from high school.  It provides them with an orientation to college and prepares them for their first college math course.


  1. What is the TLC?

    The TLC is the home of the First Year Pathways program.  Pathways students can come to the center to use a computer, do homework, or work on a class project.  The TLC is also a place to meet your coaches, tutors, and friends.

  2. Can my friends come in to use the center when I am there?

    The TLC is very busy most of the day, and there are often not enough computers for all PCC students. Therefore, only students enrolled in a Pathway program (for example, XL, Ujima, Puente, Design Tech, and Athletes) are allowed to use it.

  3. Is tutoring available all day in the TLC?

    Because the Conexion tutoring program relies on volunteers, we cannot offer tutors for every course at every hour. Come to the TLC and check the tutoring schedule.

  4. What if I want to use the center and a class is there?

    Sometimes an entire class will come in to use the TLC. If that is the case, we will put a sign on the door which will tell you how long the class will be there. During that time, if you need to use a computer, please go to another computer lab on campus. If, however, you have an appointment with your coach, please enter quietly and try not to disturb the class that is in session.

  5. Where is the TLC and when is it open?

    The TLC is located in V102.  It is open Monday-Friday, 7:30am – 5:30pm.