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How do I join the MESA program?

Students interested in participating in MESA should apply online here. Applications will only be accepted through August 31, 2014 for the upcoming Fall semester. If the application is currently closed, register an account at to be notified when the application will be reopened.

About MESA

Established in 1970, the Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) program is one of the country's oldest and most successful programs to assist educationally disadvantaged students attain degrees in math, engineering and science from four-year institutions. MESA, part of the University of California, operates four programs that provide services to students at pre-college, community college and university levels. MESA is the model for programs established in seven other states.

What is the MESA CCCP?

The MESA California Community College Program (MESA CCCP) is an academic program that supports educationally disadvantaged community college student to excel in math, engineering and science so they can transfer to four-year institutions as majors in these fields. MESA CCCP Centers are located on community college campuses throughout the state. The program is a collaboration between MESA and the California Community College Chancellors Office.

Of MESA CCCP students who transfer to four-year institutions, 100% choose to major in math-based fields. One year later, a full 90% of these students are still math-based majors.

What are the components of the MESA CCCP?

MESA CCCP is based on a rigorous academic program that uses various components to support students majoring in math, engineering and science. The program components help build an academically-based peer community to provide mutual student and motivation. This community of learners is what sets MESA CCCP apart from other programs.

The main components of the MESA CCCP include:

  • Student Study Center, located in V105, is a dedicated multipurpose space for study, workshops and information sharing.
  • Academic Excellence Workshops where students are scheduled in the same core math and science classes and taught how to maintain high academic outcomes through group study.
  • Orientation courses that teaches college survival skills to incoming students majoring in math, engineering and science.
  • Assistance in the transfer process including field trips to universities, work shops on applications and counseling.
  • Career advising to introduce work options to students. Field trips, job fair information, job shadowing exercises, and industry mentors are available to students.
  • Links with student and professional organizations which provide mentors, guest speakers and offer industry tours.
  • Professional development workshops that include mock job fairs, resume preparation, interview skills, how to find part-time, full-time and summer employment.
  • Industry Advisory Board, a valuable connection between students and the industry leaders who may later hire them. The board provides scholarships, strategic planning, special summer internships, field trips and other resources.

2010 MESA Transfer Students

Luis Campos

  • Major: Applied Mathematics
  • Transfer Institution: UCLA
  • MESA since 2007

Luis began PCC as a Puente student and then shined as a TLC/MESA student. His decision to help others motivated him to tutor for Conexión, Math Jam, MaS, MathPath, and MESA. We are sure that he will be a great Bruin at UCLA!

Rene Cabrera

  • Major: Mathematics
  • Transfer Institution: UCLA
  • MESA since 2008

Rene joined MESA after the Math Jam program. His great determination to learn allowed him to succeed, and his tenacity for helping others proved to be a great asset to PCC's MESA program. Students constantly asked for his help. We were lucky to have Rene as a tutor and mentor and hope he continues his tradition of service to the community at UCLA. He leaves us as a National Science Foundation Scholar.

Tin Zar Kyaw

  • Major: Electrical Engineering
  • Transfer Institution: Cal Poly Pomona
  • MESA since 2009

One outstanding comment: Tin Zar proved to be a vital team player for both the TLC and MESA, especially as a tutor. Her insightful wisdom and caring nature made her one of the most sought after tutors in our program.

Benji MaCaulay

  • Major: Chemistry
  • Transfer Institution: CSULA
  • MESA since 2007

One outstanding comment: Benji was a stoical figure in MESA. His insight and motivation greatly influenced our students. Benji worked hard, always giving 100%, and when he faced an obstacle, like the great athlete he is, it became nothing but a hurdle. Benji will pursue his chemistry degree and eventually plans to enter the field of law. It may sound overwhelming to be in both the chemistry and law fields, but if there is someone that can do them both, it's Benji!

Paloma Lopez

  • Major: Biology
  • Transfer Institution: UC Santa Cruz
  • MESA since 2009

One outstanding comment: Paloma is our bohemian scientist! She is always looking for her next adventure in discovering the planet. She once told excitedly that she planned on doing an internship in the Arctic because she wanted to learn about life in extreme temperatures. Paloma has a maturity beyond her years and to be here in the United States while her family lives in Mexico has to be trying on her. MESA shares her family's pride as we hope that she thinks of us as her family here at PCC!

Samuel Lauda

  • Major: Aerospace Engineering
  • Transfer Institution: UC Berkeley
  • MESA since 2009

Sam has a great appreciation for math, science, and technology. Sam is also a great tutor and peer mentor who has given his time tirelessly in helping other students understand math. Sam was a MathPath Program participant here at PCC, which strives to encourage students to strengthen their math skills through community building, peer tutoring, and supplemental instruction. MathPath and MESA helped Sam build the skill set that he needed to be selected as one of the 2010 California Earthquake Center summer interns at the University of Southern California.

Miheer Shah

  • Major: Chemical Engineering
  • Transfer Institution: UC Berkeley
  • MESA since 2009

Miheer has proven to be a diligent student and dedicated member of our student body. This year he was awarded a National Science Foundation Scholarship for his commitment and dedication to the sciences. He is a mature young man that has been working towards his educational goals of Chemical Engineering without hesitation. We know that Miheer will be a successful engineering with a compassionate heart for his community and great integrity!

Jacklynn Recinos

  • Major: Biology
  • Transfer Institution: CSULA
  • MESA since 2007

One outstanding comment: Jacky, as she is known in the MESA center, has been a great friend to many MESA members! She is a regular in the MESA lab, sometimes opening and closing the lab. She came a long way from where she started in algebra. Jacklynn enjoys helping others and has been a volunteer for the Math Engineering Science Achievement Program as well as for the Teaching and Learning Center. Her inquisitive and assertive personality will help her as she enters her desired field of biology and works towards acquiring a master's degree in criminology.

Hellen Lopez

  • Major: Mechanical Engineering
  • Transfer Institution: Cornell University
  • MESA since 2007

Hellen was able to maintain an outstanding work ethic at PCC that was invaluable to her MESA peers as she participated in study groups. She has been a Southern California Earthquake Center intern at USC, was recently awarded an internship at the University of Nebraska, and placed third in the region for the MESA Statewide Challenge! Hellen has certainly made her community proud.

PCC MESA Transfer Ceremony - Spring 2010

MESA Celebrates all of our fabulous transfer students and recognizes Math Challenge winners!


USGS Presentation - Spring 2010

Staff Scientist Sue Perry discussed the USGS and it's need for new talented scientist.


MESA Theater Night - March 2010

MESA had a great meet up in Downtown Los Angeles. Dinner at Rocket Pizza and then attended The Einstien Plan at the Los Angeles Theater.



17th Annual MESA Leadership Retreat in Santa Cruz CA

Pasadena City College MESA attends the 17th Annual MESA Leadership Retreat in Santa Cruz CA (April 16-18, 2010). The MESA students who attended were Yesenia Ramirez, Natalia De Vries, Saul Castro, and Sam Reed. Our MESA students had the opportunity to meet MESA students from all over the state of CA and participated in STEM based team building activities including Saul's engineering project of building a cardboard boat for two!

Spring 2008: MESA Celebrates Transfer Students