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The Teaching & Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center

What is the TLC?

Lots of different things happen in the TLC. For students, it's a computer lab, but it's also a place to meet with a tutor or coach, learn about technology, attend a workshop, get ready for a test, or work on homework with classmates. TLC instructors often bring their students to the center for presentations, lectures, or collaborative assignments. The TLC staff offices are located here, and you'll often find staff members working with evaluators, meeting with college administrators, hosting workshops, or sitting at their desks trying to get through a pile of paperwork.

Location: V102
Hours: 7:30am - 5:00pm
Days: Monday to Friday

Students working together on the computer. Students using teamwork. Students studying math together.

TLC Rules:

Students enrolled in one or more TLC class have access to the Teaching and Learning Center (in V102) and its resources. We ask everybody to follow the rules listed below. Those who do not will be asked to leave.

  1. Be ready to show proof of enrollment in a TLC course.
  2. Turn off cell phones and pagers.
  3. Do not drink or eat in the computer area.
  4. Have the lab assistant scan your disk or flash drive using the Anti-Virus Scan.
  5. Limit your printing to 5 pages.
  6. Report computer problems to the TLC staff immediately.
  7. Keep noise to a minimum.
  8. Leave your work area clean when you leave the center.
  9. Don't forget to take your flash drive before you leave.

TLC Tech Support:

The TLC offers technical support to all TLC students. Our lab assistants will answer questions you may have about Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. In addition, we have tutoring software for math, English, and ESL.