Pasadena City College, Home of the PCC Lancers

Starting college is exciting, but it can also be confusing and a little intimidating. Pasadena City College has created XL@PCC to make your transition from high school simple and help you succeed in your first year of college.

XL students are guaranteed...

  • An earlier priority registration date
  • Support from dedicated counselors, coaches, and tutors
  • Access to a computer lab and study center



  1. Complete a PCC admissions application
  2. Take the Math and English placement tests
  3. Complete the PCC Pathways XL application Available February 2014 for the 2014-15 academic year.

In addition to the three steps above, XL students are required to...

  1. Attend a New Student Info Session in summer
  2. Attend our no-cost, two-week summer bridge -Math Jam
  3. Register in a minimum of 12 units in the fall and spring semesters
  4. Enroll in math and English in the fall and spring semesters
  5. Enroll in a student success course - College 1 - in the fall semester
  6. Meet regularly with a first year counselor, coach, and tutor as required and/or needed

Please Note:

Priority for admission will be given to spring high school graduates who live in the Pasadena Area Community College District. Students who live outside the district will be admitted on a first come, first served basis after in-district recruitment has been completed and if seats are available.

  • XL Pathways Outcomes
  • Math Jam Outcomes
  • Coaching Outcomes
  • College 1 Outcomes
  1. Successfully complete at least 20 units of coursework, including English and math, within the first year at PCC
  2. Develop a college-going identity through campus engagement and use of appropriate support services
  3. Use success strategies including critical reading, information literacy and study skills
  4. Persist to fall of the second year of college
  1. Develop a sense of connectedness to the campus community
  2. Identify campus resources and services to support individual learning
  3. Improve attitudes towards math
  1. Identify personal and educational goals
  2. Identify obstacles to academic success and use appropriate support services and resources to overcome those obstacles
  1. Analyze external and internal motivating factors (hope, resilience, mindset) of successful college students
  2. Develop critical reading strategies to comprehend a variety of college level texts of different genres
  3. Compare the effectiveness of a variety of study skills
  4. Evaluate and analyze print and online resources related to the attitudes and behaviors of successful college students.