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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there classes still available?

Yes, the quickest way to find open seats is to search "Schedule of Classes" from LancerPoint and select "Open Classes Only" from the drop down menu and click "Yes". This will pull up only classes w/ open seats.

How do I know where I am on the waitlist?

Log in to your LancerPoint account. Click on "Classes & Academics," "Check Registration Status," "Student Registration," then "Student Detail Schedule" and you will see position number.

Where do I get notified if I am on the waitlist and a seat becomes available?

You get an email at your student email account which loads to your LancerPoint page on the left hand bottom side of the page. This email account was activated in early July, 2013 and every student was mailed a letter explaining this information.

I was on the Waitlist and didn’t know I was offered a seat how do I get back on?

You have 48 hours to respond to a waitlist offer. If you do not respond, you fall off the list. If a spot on the waitlist becomes available, then you can grab it to start over.

What does "Permission" mean? Who do I get "Permission" from?

A "Permission" course means it’s for a special program. Please read the footnote. If there is no footnote indicating which program the course is supporting, please call the Department office to find out who to get permission from. Do not call or email the instructor.

How do I find my LancerPoint User ID?

Please click on LancerPoint help and someone can assist. You just need your LancerID # and your last name.

What is a Medical Consent Form?

You are a minor (under 18 years of age) and your parent/legal guardian has to sign a medical consent form. You can download the form from here:
. It must be submitted to Admissions & Records.

How do I get my Metro/ITAP pass?

Purchase at the Student Bank by showing that you are enrolled in 12 units. Cash and credit accepted. $5.00 for card and $30.00 for Metro Pass.

When does school start?

Monday, Aug. 26

What is the full academic calendar? When is Spring Break?

Here is a PDF of the 2013-2014 Academic Calendar

Do you accept Assessment scores from other schools?

If they are ACCUPLACER scores, yes although we will place you based on our student population average scores and placement information.