ALINA DAYCH, W 4:30-7:10PM; room R321

                                                                     F  4:30-7:10PM; room E313

                                     TEXT: Algebra and Trigonometry by Stewart/Redlin/Watson


                 Course Key: pasadena 9450 7211



Scientific calculator, 3-ring binder with dividers or spiral notebook, lined paper, graph paper, pencils, eraser, ruler, stapler, staples.



1. Students will be able to analyze the basic properties of functions.

2. Students will be able to manipulate algebraic expressions at the level appropriate to the course.

3. Students will be able to graph algebraic and transcendental functions and their transformations.

4. Students will be able to correctly model a real world situation using algebra, geometry, exponentials, logarithms and/or trigonometry and use this model to solve problems.



TESTS:  Worth 50% of your grade. 

There will be Five comprehensive exams, the dates of which you can find in the calendars. In the event that you miss an exam, that exam will be replaced by the Final exam.  No make-up exams. If you can not take an exam due to a documented excuse, you must notify me prior to the exam with a written statement or a document.  All missed exams without appropriate reasons and/or documentation will receive a score of zero.  Exams will be brought to the classroom once after they have been graded. If you are absent from class on the day the exams are returned, you must pick up your exam on the next lecture day.   10 points will be deducted from your exam score if your cell phone device rings or you go outside during an exam.


The final exam is cumulative and is worth 25% of your grade.


CLASS-WORK:  Worth 10% of your grade. 

In class, you will be assigned group-work to help you better prepare for the homework and the tests. All members of the group are expected to work on each problem. Although I will help you out with difficult problems, I encourage you to talk to EACH OTHER first before asking me questions. You will work with 2 or 3 different groups throughout the semester. Students who are absent may submit missed group work for that day for a maximum score of 8 points at the end of the next lecture.


QUIZZES:  Worth 10% of your grade. 

Quizzes will be given in accordance with your homework assignments AND unannounced unexpectadly. Quizzes often include problems directly taken from the homework/classwork assignment. One of your lowest scoring quizzes will be dropped. NO MAKEUP!



You can find my page by visiting Pasadena college website at www.pasadena.edu and then doing PCC people search for Alina Daych at the top right corner.  Then click on my name when it comes up on the screen.  You will see your class link under WINTER 2011 on the right.  There you will find your syllabus, calendar and homework assignment, as well as other assignment throughout the semester.








It is recommended that students spend at least 3 hours each day to review the class notes, read the

pertinent sections in the textbook, solve the homework problems and pre-read and take notes for

the sections which will be covered in the next class session. Homework is to be completed via WebAssign. The code to access WebAssign is available with a purchase of a new book.  Alternatively, it can also be purchased at www.WebAssign.com.  You can use PCC computer lab in the lower level of the D-building. Instructions for registering are on the inside cover of the textbook.  


Homework problems should be written up neatly in a spiral notebook or a binder,  solved completely and with sufficient explanations. Bring your HW-notebook/binder to every lecture so that you can ask questions and make corrections in class. Do not get behind in your homework. It will be difficult to catch up with the class.

If you cannot complete a problem, click on “show an example or “help me solve this”.  If after several attempts you are still unable to complete the problem, click “ask my instructor” and tell me what you think is wrong with your approach.  At the next class meeting I will attempt to go over all your questions (or as many as time allows). I will only go over questions that are sent to me.


The homework assignment are required in order to take the homework quizzes. There are no deadline to complete the homework, but there are deadlines for the homework quizzes.


HOMEWORK QUIZZES:  Worth 10% of your grade.

You can complete the homework quizzes on WebAssign.  You will be able to access the quiz once you have completed the homework prerequisite.  There will be a 2 point deduction on the exam for each quiz not taken for that exam.



50%=Chapter Tests                                                   20%=Final Exam

10%=Quizzes                                                             10%=Homework Quizzes



90-100% is an A; 80-89% is a B; 70-79% is a C; 60-69% is a D; 0-59% is an F.                                



If you have a pager/cellular phone, please turn off while you are in class. If it rings during the class it will be kept with the instructor until the end of the class and 10 points deducted from your exam. Please do not have unnecessary talking and gossiping, food or drinks, chewing gum, going in and out during the class, sleeping, rude yawning, disrespect for one another, writing on desktops, retractable erasers.  Cheating of any kind will be punished in according with Pasadena City College guidelines. 



You are allowed for a maximum of 10 missed class-hours; the equivalent to 4 classes.  Three tardies are equivalent to an absence. If you are more than 15 minutes late or leave more than 15 minutes before class, that will account as an absence.  If you leave during class and then return you will be assessed a tardy.  You can be dropped for the poor attendance.



R-409 Math Resource Center

D-300 Learning Assistance Center (LAC)

GM112A; The Zone (athletes)