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Business Information Technology

Learn computers to

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Pasadena City College, Spring 2009

Syllabus(Class Assignment Sheet and

Course Information Sheet)

BIT 11B Advanced Computer Keyboarding and Document Processing

Tuesdays, 9:30 am � 11:45 am, R206, Section #0556

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Ms. Glenda Webster, Adjunct Instructor


Phone: 626-585-7059, E-mail: through Blackboard or mgwent@charter.net

Class Starts October 27, 2009 � December 15, 2009

Class Assignment Sheet�This is an 8-week Course

There are 8 semester weeks

Assignments due by:



Your Points


Specific Assignment Information will be posted on the Blackboard Course Site

Week 1 No assignments due



Obtain textbook and materials

Week 2 Assignments are due by midnight Saturday, November 3 , 2009



Lessons 38, 39, 40

Week 3 Assignments are due by midnight Saturday, November 10



Lessons 41, 42, 43, 44

Week 4 Assignments are due by midnight Saturday, November 17



Lessons 45, 46, 47, 48

Week 5 Assignments are due by midnight Saturday, November 24 (PCC Closed November 26-29)



Lessons 49, 50, 41, 52

Week 6 Assignments are due by midnight Saturday, December 1, 2009



Lessons 53, 54, 55, 56

Week 7 Assignments are due by midnight Saturday, December 8, 2009



Lessons 57, 58, 59, 60

Week 8 Assignments are due by Tuesday

December 15, 2009


R202 closes on Saturday,
December 19, at 12 noon

Final Exam Timing and Basic English Review Units 4 and 9

Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin?

Know your Network ID: Your Network ID is printed at the bottom of your fee receipt. It is your three initials, in all uppercase letters, followed by the last four digits of the number on your Lancer ID Card (or possibly the last four digits of your Social Security number). Your password is the 4-digit PIN that you used to register.

Go to Blackboard: You will submit assignments through an online course management program. Go to:


You can also access the site from the PCC home page as follows: Click Classes/Academics, and then click Online Classes. Log in with your Network ID (use all uppercase letters for your three initials) as the User name and your 4-digit PIN as the password. This is the home page for PCC�s online courses. Find your course listed, and click the course.

Register your attendance so that you will not be dropped: To register your attendance so that you will not be dropped, during the first five days of the semester, go to your course site and complete the first assignment, which is a questionnaire. You do not need your book to complete the first assignment.

Buy a USB flash drive if necessary: Plan to store your work on a USB flash drive so that you can upload, download, access, and store from any computer�on campus or at home.

Be sure you have Internet access available�Internet access is always available in R202: You will need Internet access to submit your work, communicate with your instructor, and to obtain some of the materials for the course. You do not need to be connected to the Internet while you are working on the actual assignments.

Buy the textbook: Buy your books online from the PCC bookstore (on the PCC home page, click Student Services, and then click Online Bookstore) or visit the bookstore on the campus (626-585-7378). We can only guarantee that new books purchased at the PCC bookstore will work for the course. ISBNs are sometimes custom numbers for a different college or professor or include special materials; alternative sellers or used books may not have the required CDs or other materials. For this course, you will need a special textbook package developed for Pasadena City College, which includes part of the course software, and covers both BIT 11A and BIT 11B.

Keyboarding and Formatting Essentials Lessons 1-60 2nd Edition, Basic English the Easy Way
(Custom Edition for PCC), KeyPro software CD
. ISBN 0324673515

How does this course work?

In addition to your class time, plan for an additional 4.5 hours per week to complete your assignments, which you can complete on our computers in R202 or on your own computer: You can use our computers in room R202 anytime during the following hours. An instructor is always available to assist you and copies of the textbook are available for reference:

Monday � Thursday 9 a.m. � 8 p.m.�������� Friday, 9 a.m. � 3 p.m.������������������� Saturday, 8 a.m. � 12 noon

We hope that you will come to the campus to work on our computers in R202 during the many convenient hours it is open. In R202, you can work one-on-one with an instructor or tutor. Your instructor might also have a weekly block of time in R202 when he or she can work with you. Check with your instructor. The Class Assignment Sheet lists recommended assignment due dates. Follow the lesson plan from your instructor. Your attendance is required per college regulations as stated in the college catalog.

How do I submit my work?

You will submit your work to your instructor by using Blackboard's Assignment tool. Instructions are posted on the course site. You will spend the majority of your time using the Keyboarding Pro Deluxe software to prepare your work; you need go online only to print course information and to send your work. Log in to your class every two or three days to see if there are any notices on the homepage or if you have any new grades or returned assignments.

How do I communicate with my instructor?

For questions about this course, e-mail your instructor through Blackboard's e-mail tool as follows:

On the left, click Mail. At the top, click Create Message, above the To box, click Browse for Recipients, and then in the To column, click All Section Instructors. Scroll to the bottom and click Save. Click in the Subject box and type an appropriate subject. Click in the Message box and type your message. In the lower left corner, click the Send button.

During the course, communicate with your instructor through Blackboard. You cannot use the Blackboard e-mail tool for regular e-mail addresses that are not part of the Blackboard system.

How do I get help with technical problems?

If you have problems with the performance of the Blackboard site or with your PCC Network ID or password, call the PCC Help Desk at 626-585-7523. The Help Desk cannot assist you with problems that involve your own computer's performance or your Internet access.

How does the grading work for this course?

Check the Syllabus for your course and the course site to see the specific grading plan. To view your current grade in Blackboard, access the course and on the left click My Grades. Only you and your instructor will be able to view your grades. They cannot be viewed by other students in the class.

If you complete the assignment with no errors, you will receive the maximum number of points. Assignments containing errors may receive fewer than the maximum number of points, or they might be returned to you for correction.


BIT 11B � Advanced Computer Keyboarding and Document Processing

What You Will Learn in This Course

In this course you will review and further develop your touch control of the keyboard�keying words and numbers on a computer screen without looking at your hands or at the computer keyboard�and increase your speed and accuracy. You will also review the construction of basic business documents and learn to construct advanced business documents.

Being able to key on a computer keyboard rapidly and without looking at your hands frees you to concentrate on the more important (and enjoyable) functions of whatever computer program you are working on or whatever computer task you are trying to accomplish. Use your time in this course to develop accurate and rapid touch control of the keyboard. Mastering this skill will reward you every time you use a computer to accomplish a job or life task on a computer.

Being able to compose, key, and print basic business documents is the first important skill that you must have for a career in business. It is also an extremely valuable life skill. A professional letter and resume is your first step to getting a job. A professional-looking letter will command the attention of business managers, corporate executives, government officials, medical professionals, college administrators�anyone with whom you may need to communicate throughout your lifetime!

Course Description and Objectives

This is a two-unit course consisting of a review of the components of the microcomputer, basic keyboarding skills, numeric keypad operations, and construction of basic and advanced business documents. You will develop your technique, speed, and accuracy in the operation of the letter, numeric and symbol keys. You will apply advanced proofreading techniques in producing accurate copy; construct basic and advanced business documents such as letters, memos, lists, tables, and reports. Your goal is to pass a series of timed writings from straight-copy material at an acceptable rate with 5 or fewer errors and to identify and produce advanced business documents.

Student Learning Outcomes for This Course

Use a computer keyboard to enter text and data by touch control in a manner efficient enough to create common personal and business communications such as email, discussion group messages, instant messages, and data entry; efficient is defined as keyboarding without being distracted by visually locating the correct keys, at 30 words per minute or higher for 3 minutes.

Use word processing software in an organizational setting to construct and edit advanced business documents, such as multi-page reports, multi-section reports, and tables, by choosing and applying the most appropriate skills, tools, and features.


Experience has shown that students who maintain a regular schedule of submitting work have the most success with the course. Plan your schedule accordingly and notify the instructor immediately if you need assistance in reaching your goals. The Class Assignment Sheet will assist you in planning your work.


Text and Materials

Before starting the course, you will need these items from the PCC bookstore.

������� Special textbook package for this course covers BIT 11A and 11B and includes:

Keyboarding and Formatting Essentials Lessons 1-60 2nd Edition, Basic English the Easy Way (Custom Edition for PCC), KeyPro Deluxe software CD. ISBN 0324673515

Get your books on campus or online from the PCC bookstore. Go to www.pasadena.edu and click Student Services, and then click Online Bookstore.

(Note: We can only guarantee that new books purchased at the PCC bookstore will work for the course. ISBNs are sometimes custom numbers for a specific college or professor or include special materials; alternative sellers or used books may not have the required CDs or other materials.)


Your goal for this course is to be able to use the keyboard as an effective tool for communication. You must be able to key without looking�"by touch," to use the function keys (BACKSPACE, TAB, DELETE, etc.) of the computer keyboard, and to compose and construct basic business documents. A high degree of accuracy and a rate of speed that will make keyboarding profitable for both business and personal use are also required. This skill will be valuable to you throughout college and in any job or profession you choose. Most jobs and professions demand that you use a computer keyboard and compose documents for communicating with others.

Keep track of your grades and assignments on the Class Assignment Sheet. Your grade will be computed as a combination of the following:

������� ����� Ability to read and follow directions and plan your work.

������� ����� Knowledge of computer operation, terminology, document processing concepts, and language arts skills as measured by objective and competency tests.

������� ����� Assignments (complete, on time, accurate).

������� ����� Progressively higher speeds for keying straight-copy material for 2 or 5 minutes within an established error limit as measured by keyboarding competency tests.

������� ����� Attendance record.



Lessons 38-59 20 points each

440 points

Quizzes from Basic English Review textbook (10 points for each of three Units)

20 points

Final Timed Writing points:

Your timed writing score will be evaluated based on your progress over the semester. If you show good progress in your speed and accuracy from the beginning of the semester to the end of the semester, you will receive a higher score. Your instructor will communicate with you individually regarding this score.