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Business Information Technology

Learn computers to

get a good job in business!


Pasadena City College, Spring 2009

Syllabus (Class Assignment Sheet and

Course Information Sheet)


BIT 25 Survey of Computer Technology in Business

On-Campus Course Section #0334

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Mrs. Glenda Webster


E-mail: through Blackboard or mgwent@charter.net


Tentative Class Schedule�This is a 16-week course


Content Focus:

Week 1

Tuesday, September 1

Thursday, September 3


         Obtain textbooks and materials

         Make sure you have a computer available with Internet access that contains Windows Vista and Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint (2007 versions). You may also work in Room R202 at PCC.

         Login in to your course and do the following:

o   Click Start Here to review all documents.

o   Complete the Survey in Learning Modules.

o   Post your introduction to Discussions. To get credit for your introduction, it must be posted within the first two weeks of the class.


Week 2

Tuesday, September 8

Thursday, September 10


Technology in Action

Chapter 1 � Why Computers Matter to You: Becoming Computer Literate

Week 3

Tuesday, September 15

Thursday, September 17

Technology in Action

Chapter 2 � Looking at Computers: Understanding the Parts


Tuesday, September 22

Thursday, September 24

Technology in Action

Chapter 3 � Using the Internet: Making the Most of the Web�s Resources

Week 5

Tuesday, NO CLASS

������������������ September 29

Thursday, October 1

Technology in Action

Chapter 4 � Application Software: Programs That Let You Work and Play

Week 6

Tuesday, October 6

Thursday, October 8

Technology in Action

Chapter 5 � Using System Software: The Operating System, Utility Programs, and File Management

Week 7

Tuesday October 13

Thursday, October 15

Microsoft Office 2007 Essential Concepts and Techniques

Word 2007 �- Creating and Editing a Word Document


Week 8

Tuesday, October 20

Thursday October 22

Technology in Action

Chapter 6 � Understanding and Assessing Hardware: Evaluating Your System

Week 9

Tuesday, October 27

Thursday, October 29

Microsoft Office 2007 Essential Concepts and Techniques

PowerPoint 2007 �Creating and Editing a Presentation

Week 10

Tuesday, November 3

Thursday, November 5

Microsoft Office 2007 Essential Concepts and Techniques

Excel 2007 � Creating a Worksheet and an Embedded Chart

Week 11

Tuesday, November 10

Thursday, November 12

Technology in Action

Chapter 7 � Networking and Security: Connecting Computers and Keeping Them Safe from Hackers and Viruses

Week 12

Tuesday, November 17

Thursday, November 19

Technology in Action


Week 13

Tuesday, November 24

Thursday, NO CLASS

Technology in Action

Chapter 8 � Mobile Computing: Keeping Your Data on Hand

Week 14

Tuesday, December 1

Thursday, December 3

Microsoft Office 2007 Essential Concepts and Techniques

Access 2007 � Creating and Using a Database

Week 15

Tuesday, December 8

Thursday, December 10

Microsoft Office 2007 Essential Concepts and Techniques Windows Vista �Introduction to Windows Vista

Week 16

December 15



Final Project Due


BIT 25 � Survey of Computer Technology in Business

What You Will Learn in This Course

In this course you will learn business computer technology terminology and concepts. You will also be introduced to the basic features of Microsoft Windows Vista and the Microsoft Office 2007 programs�Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.

Student Learning Outcomes for This Course

Understand how hardware, software and communication technologies interact to increase the productivity and efficiency of an organization or individual.

Survey and analyze how computer technology can solve problems in society and in the workplace.

Select and apply the most appropriate combination of software applications and tools in order to accomplish a task in an organizational setting or for personal use.

Text and Materials

The textbooks are available from the PCC bookstore on-campus or online. To access the online bookstore, go to www.pasadena.edu and then click Student Services. Under Student Academic Services, click Online Bookstore.

1.       Technology in Action Introductory, by Evans, Martin, and Poatsy, Fifth Edition, 2009. Published by Pearson Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-53-688102-2

2.       Microsoft Office 2007 Essential Concepts and Techniques, by Shelly, Cashman, and Vermaat, 2008. Published by Thomson Course Technology, ISBN 1-42-830953-5

3.       USB Flash Drive is required to store the Microsoft Office 2007 documents when working in the classroom or in the Business Computer Center (R202). You may store the documents directly on the hard drive of your computer when working at home.


In addition to Internet access, you will need a computer that has Microsoft Windows Vista as its operating system and on which Word 2007, Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, and Access 2007 are installed. You can verify the version by starting each program, clicking the Microsoft Office Button in the top left corner of the screen, and clicking the program Options Button. After you have selected the Options Button, click Resources and the About Button next to About Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Access. At the top of the screen, check to make sure the version is 2007. If you do not have a computer system available, use a computer in R202 at PCC. R202 is open Monday � Thursday 9 am to 8 pm; Friday 9 am to 3 pm; and, Saturday 8 am to 12 noon.


Course Description and Objectives

This is a one-semester, three-unit course consisting of a survey of business computer technology and popular microcomputer software applications.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  Explain and use general microcomputer concepts and terminology.

  Describe the range of microcomputer equipment options now available and the relationship between the various components of a microcomputer system.

  Define Internet services and search for information on the World Wide Web.

  Use the basic features of Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007, including Word 2007, Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, and Access 2007 to solve specific business problems.

Because this course covers a broad range of information and software, it is designed to provide you with a relatively brief introduction to several different types of software programs. Although you will not become a skilled user of any of the programs, you will become familiar with how software works�a skill transferable to learning additional software programs.

On Campus Class Participation

         Complete the Survey and follow the instructions in Learning Modules to indicate that you have successfully logged into the class.

         Post an �Introduction� to the Discussion Board. To receive credit for this assignment, you must write at least 3 sentences and post your introduction in the first two weeks of the course.

         Attendance is important. Students who are absent the equivalent of a two-week or more period may be dropped from the class. If your intent is to drop the course, it is your responsibility to do so.

         Experience has shown that students who complete the work according to the Assignment Schedule have the most success with the course. Plan your schedule accordingly and notify the instructor immediately if you have difficulty completing activities, assignments, or assessments.

         If you have questions regarding the course, please feel free to ask them in class, by email, by phone, or by posting them to the discussion board. Your classmates may have the same question so when I respond, your classmates will all benefit!

Grading Scale

Your grade will be computed based on the total number of points you earn on assignments and tests.

A = 90% - 100%, B = 80% -89%, C = 70% -79%, D = 60% -69%, F = 59% or less


How to use Blackboard

The information below will help you get acquainted with Blackboard, the Course Management System at PCC. Contact me by email or phone if you have any questions.

Log in to your course:

         Go to https://bb-pcc.blackboard.com/ OR access the login page from the PCC site at http://www.pasadena.edu. On the PCC home page click Classes/Academics, and then Online Classes.

         Enter your User name. Your User name is your Network ID printed at the bottom of your fee receipt. It is your three initials, in all uppercase letters, followed by the last four digits of the number on your Lancer ID Card (or possibly the last four digits of your Social Security number).

         Enter your Password. Your password is the 4-digit PIN that you used to register.

         In your course list, click BIT 25 to view your course homepage.

         If you have difficulty logging on, please call the PCC Help Desk at 626-585-7523. The help desk may be used for problems with the performance of the Blackboard site or with your PCC Network ID or password. The Help Desk cannot assist you with problems that involve your own computer's performance or your Internet access.

Start Here page:

         On the BIT 25 course home page, click Start Here

         Display and read all of the documents on the Start Here page and send me an email if you have any questions regarding any of the documents.

Week 1 assignments:

         Complete the Course Survey. Instructions will be provided in an email during the first week of class.

         Post a brief message to the discussion board introducing yourself to your classmates. (Use at least 3 sentences.)

o   On the menu at the left side of the course home page window, click the Discussions tool.

o   Click Introductions, click Create Message, and type your name in the Subject line.

o   Type your message, and then click Post. Be sure to check the discussion board frequently so that you can read your classmates introductions.

Contact the Instructor:

The best way to contact me is through the course email in Blackboard since I check it often. You may also call me at 626-585-7353, visit me during my conference hours, or stop by R202 on Mondays from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

To email through Blackboard:

1.       Click the Mail tool in the course menu on the left side of the course window.

2. Click Create Message, and then in the To box, type my name: Sonia Wurst. You may also click Browse for Recipients and then in the To column click the appropriate name and Save.

3. Click in the Subject box and enter the subject of your email, and then click in the Message box and type your message (you cannot send an email without entering a subject or message!).

4. Click the Send button to send the email.

Submit an Assessment/Assignment:

Chapter questions, quizzes, and tests are automatically submitted when using Blackboard.Documents from the Microsoft Office 2007 book will be submitted through the assignment dropbox. Instructions on how to save files and submit assignments will be provided on your course site in Blackboard.

Viewing Grades:

To view grades in Blackboard, access the course and on the left click My Grades. Grades for some assignments will not appear until your instructor has released them. Only you and your instructor will be able to view your grades. They cannot be viewed by other students in the class.

If you complete the assignment with no errors, you will receive the maximum number of points. Assignments containing errors may receive fewer than the maximum number of points, or they might be returned to you for correction.