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Finish Online

Finish Online

Finish Online

Can't make it to campus to take a class you need?
Missing 1 or 2 classes that you must complete by the end of Spring in order to transfer?

In response to the growing number of students a few classes short of transferring, Pasadena City College will be ramping up its distance education offerings this spring. These fully online classes will run for eight weeks, with no on-campus meetings required.

Classes start March 11

None Available

Credit Type?

A traditional college course taught in a classroom setting.
A course that is fully online and has no on-campus meetings.
A course that is partially online and has some scheduled on-campus meetings.
A traditional college course conducted via 6 on-campus lectures/exams, DVD's and video streaming.
Field Study/Internship:
Supervised experience outside of traditional classroom, usually off-campus.

Example: MATH 5A

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Example: 0186

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