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Parking Fee

Beginning January 2007 due to changes in campus policies parking at the Flea Market is no longer free.  Parking is now $2.00 for the day.  Parking slips can be obtained at the bright yellow parking kiosks, which there are several of in each lot.

We would like to note that the Flea Market has no authority over the parking.  Any comments, questions, or complaints should be forwarded to Campus Safety in the T- Building or by calling (626) 585-7984.

The Bonnie Ave. Parking Structure

The Bonnie Ave. parking structure is currently closed on Market Sundays, it now house 3 levels of vendors for your shopping convenience.

The Del Mar Blvd. Parking Structure (Campus Lot 4)

This 5 level structure includes the comfort and convenience of direct street level access from 2 of the 5 levels.  It is located on the PCC campus along Del Mar Blvd., near the intersection of Hill Ave.  Access is off of Del Mar Blvd.

Lot 3

Parking is available in the outdoor lot adjacent to the Hill St. parking structure. 

Public Transportation Information


Information about bus routes and the Metro system including the Metro Gold Line. Student discounted I-Pass available for spring 2010 semester - $30.

Foothill Transit

Information about bus routes

Pasadena Arts Bus - The Pasadena Area Rapid Transit System (ARTS) is a transit service designed to provide convenient transportation between many of the Pasadena City residential neighborhoods and retail, business and entertainment centers.

Metro Gold Line (light rail)

The Allen Avenue station is approximately 4 blocks from the PCC campus. After departing the station and reaching Allen Avenue, turn right and walk south, crossing Walnut Boulevard until you reach Colorado Boulevard. Turn right on Colorado Boulevard and continue until you reach the PCC campus.

Thomas Bros. Map reference: The PCC campus is on Page 566 in grid section C-5.

The greatest number of parking spaces will be in the parking structure, Lot 4, on Hill Ave and Del Mar Blvd. Parking Map.

Free shuttle

A Free Shuttle is now available for your shopping convenience from 7 am 11 am and 12 pm to 2 pm (this an electric shuttle and is “charging” between 11 am and 12 pm).  The shuttle makes three stops: stop 1 is located at the corner of Lot 3 and the tennis courts, stop 2 is located just outside the parking structure in front of the pool, stop 3 is located at the Flea Market between the food booth and Bonnie Street parking structure.  With the exception of the charging time, the shuttle run approximately every 15 minutes.

Handicap Access – Lot 8

In addition to handicap parking spaces in both the east and westside parking structures, the college’s dedicated handicap drop-off and pick-up circle is located off of Colorado Blvd. between Hill Ave. and the campus Mirror Pools.  A waiting shelter and pay phone are located along the circle.  Access is limited to handicap pick-up and drop-off.  The Market is committed to providing access to those with special needs; please let our staff know if there is any way we can improve our access.