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Maps Are from the North (Colorado and Bonnie) to the south (Del Mar and Bonnie). Parking Structure is layred. Level two is the lowest and level four the higest.

Lot 7 | Lot 6 | Parking Structure Level 2 | Parking Structure Level 3 | Lot 3 (West side)

Market Overview:

over vew of the PCC campus with notes where the flea market is located

Lot 7 (corner of Colorado & Bonnie): (TOP)

vendor map lot 7 outside

Lot 6 (between lot 7 and the parking structure): (TOP)

vendor lot 6 -outside

Parking Structure Level Two: (TOP)

Space Map Level Two

Parking Structure Level Three: (TOP)

vendor map, level 3 indoor structure

Lot 3 (corner of Del Mar and Hill Ave): (TOP)

map of flea market lot three, with listing of vendor spaces and booth numbers

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