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We have a timeline!  Please click HERE to learn more about the PCC Foundation grant application process for 2015-2016.  You'll be submitting your application online d uring Fall 2015.

The Foundation Grants Committee has decided to change up its timeline for awarding grants and make it possible for recipients to receive the money in the same term that it’s awarded. Oftentimes, faculty and staff are not available in the summer, when we have traditionally started the procurement process; further, awarding money within the same semester allows you, the grant recipient, to use your new item or initiative right away! No more waiting for the next term!

Congratulations to the recipients for 2014-15!  For more than 30 years, the Board of Directors of the PCC Foundation has been proud to support creative, unique projects at PCC through their annual grants program. PCC Foundation Grants are awarded for projects that work toward the improvement of the instructional process, foster innovation in instruction, and align with the Mission Critical Priorities for the college’s Educational Master Plan.

Pictured below are students participating in International Week, an initiative requested by Jack Yang from the Pathways Program!


*Pictured Above:  Jack Yang's students put on International Education Day In November 2014 with funds they received from the PCC Foundation Grant Program.

For general questions about our grants program, please email