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FTP Beginner's Guide

STEP 1 - open ftp Explorer

This tutorial is designed to upload files from the ftpexplorer which is on campus. Singin to the "Staff Login" and open the program ftp Explorer by double clicking the icon from the Network folder.

Network Screen

STEP 2 - Enter Informations in the Login Window

A startup screen will appear (just like the sample screen shot). This screen will enable you to add your website information and allow the program to connect with our server. Please fill out the following informations

Profile Name/ Name - Whatever you want to nickname your setup. Example - My WebSite

Host Name/Address - Your domain name address. Example on campus it is -

Port - Type 21

Login / User Name - Usually your email name Example - jxsmith

Password - Whatever you selected or were given by MIS

Initial Path - Type the folder name that you were given for your server files. Example - /jxsmith

Download Path - Type in your local folder path like c://MyWebSite/Parees

Description - This area is to add any of your comments

Login Screen

ONCE YOU have entered the information, click "Save" if you want to save the login and password information. Press "Connect" to connect.

STEP 3 - After login

Once the FTP program has connected with your server, you will see the files from the server in the right side of the window.

After Login

Uploading files

You can follow either one of these steps to upload the files into our server.

1) You can locate files on your own hard drive(s) and transfer them to the FTP site by "drag and drop" from your local drive to the ftp site.

2) You can also go to File -> upload -> select all the files that you want to upload and click open.

3) You can also click on the upload and download icon's in the taskbar.

Upload and Download Icon

AFTER ALL the files are transferred from your drive to the ftp server, the right window will automatically refresh, and you will see the files listed in the window. You can make a new sub-directory by clicking on the make "New Folder" icon in the task bar and enter the name of the new folder in the pop-up window that appears.

THAT'S really about all there is to it. You can now close the session by going to File -> Exit or by clicking the Exit button at the top right corner of the window. Your files are now stored on our FTP site and can be accessed on the internet via browser.


To transfer more than one file at a time,

1. find the files on your drive in the windows explorer

2. Highlight them all by holding down the Ctrl button and clicking on each one of your files that you wish to upload.

3. Then press the open button to initiate the transfer.

4. After the transfer, click on Refresh to see new files added to the directory.


To download one of the files listed on the right, all you have to do is double-click it or follow the procedure above in reverse.

If you want to know how to use an ftp program outside of our campus... please click here to view the guide on "How to use Ftp Outside Campus".