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Retiree Fact Check

The statement that any retiree was "fired" or "discarded" is not correct. In 2011, PCC offered a retirement incentive to employees who had been with the District 5 years or more and were over age 55. The employees who chose to retire received 75 percent of their annual base salary in addition to their pension. The reason the District offered this incentive was because even with the cost of the incentive, savings were created by removing the high salaries of the retirees from the expense side of the budget which allowed the District to hire more instructors at a lower rate. In Fall 2011 PCC hired 25 new full-time faculty to replace retired faculty. Those that retired did so of their own choosing after considering their own financial situation. They were specifically told not to expect to return to teach as hourly faculty. The District's attorney wrote to the Faculty Association's president in March 2011 to say that retirees would have no priority for teaching over other adjunct faculty (this letter can be seen below). The retirees were not "fired" because they were not employees. 45 retirees were scheduled to teach about 60 sections this Spring, but when the State shocked the District with a surprise cut of $2.8 million a few days before the semester started, the District had to look for immediate ways to save money so it could offer as many classes to students as possible. The total difference between retirees teaching these classes as opposed to other adjuncts, was approximately $175,000. Because it was so close to the start of the semester, only about half of the retirees were replaced and some who were scheduled to teach more than one section still retained part of them. The District was able to save a substantial amount of money while not canceling a single one of these classes. This was not a reflection of the quality of the retirees' work or value of their contributions.

Letter dated March 24, 2011 from Bruce Barsook, Esq. to Roger Marheine, President PCCFA [PDF]

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