The Campus Change Network will serve as a catalyst to all stakeholders of Pasadena City College, by strengthening ties, increasing awareness, and dialogue between all campus programs.

Overarching Strategy

  • Enrich campus communication and collaboration by providing strategic linkages to PCC's goals, strategic directives, and core values.
  • Support PCC's mission statement by bringing the words to life in our daily interactions with students, colleagues and the community
  • Improve economic conditions and quality of life of under served and underrepresented students
  • Promote an organizational culture where student success drives improvements, change, and institutional practices.
  • Actively investigate contemporary challenges and needs of today's students
  • Create an evaluation rubric to measure CCN outcomes


Campus Climate Group
Goal: Create a welcoming environment where all feel valued and respected


  • Establish program of encouraging faculty to spend 5 min. with each student
  • Create "Safe Zone" for LGBT students
  • Support the development of more Ethnic, Gender, LBGT courses and activities
  • Increase outreach and inreach efforts to Native-American students, faculty, and staff.
Hiring and Development Group
Goal: Promote Equity in the hiring process; create a campus environment that nurtures professional growth and development for potential and existing PCC Employees.

Activities: Develop and participate in outreach opportunities to increase campus diversity. To include:

  • Internships
  • Mentorships
  • In reach
  • EOT/Committee
  • Leadership Development
Student Equity and Success Group
Goal: Increase awareness of the Student Equity Plan, develop and implement appropriate plans


  • Develop the SEP summary
  • Incorporate the student Equity Plan into the existing planning process
  • Build connections between the SEP and ARCC measures
  • Support the development of a mandatory orientation course with possible summer bridge program
Alignment of Support Services Group
Goal: Expand collaborations between instructional and student support programs


  • Support the development of mandatory orientation course with possible summer bridge program
  • Create a student Blog with mentors
  • Create an online college road map and hardcopy format
  • Create a checklist of student support resources
  • Create a registration kiosk with a printer to print schedule of classes