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Title Page Format

(See the APA manual, 5.29, p. 305-320 for examples)

The title page is the cover of any paper you turn in. It should be the first page (numbered 1).  The title page includes a running head, the title, and the byline/affiliation. [APA manual 1.06, p. 10-12; and 5.15, p. 296-298]. 

Running Head

  • Make a shorter title of your paper using up to 50 characters (characters count as letters, punctuation marks, or spaces)
  • Write “Running Head:” and then type your running head in all capital letters.
  • Align it Left at the top of the page


  • Center the title
  • Position the title in the middle of the page vertically (if you fold your paper in half in both directions, the title should be exactly in the middle both ways)
  • Capitalization:
    • Capitalize the first letter of each major word (not prepositions, articles, or conjunctions, such as by, for, a, the, and, but)
    • Also capitalize the first letter of the first word (including prepositions or articles)
    • If there is a colon (:), capitalize the first letter of the word following it, even if it is not a major word
  • Pick a title that describes exactly what your paper is about.  You can use a colon (:) to separate parts of your title.

Byline & affiliation

  • On the line after the title, write your full name and center it.  This is called the byline.
  • On the next line (after your name) write your “affiliation” – the college that you go to.

Here is an example of what your title page should look like.

Image of a Title Page Example

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