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WAC/Health Sciences

Cover the Responses

Trust yourself

If you took the time to carefully study, there is no reason to think that you don't know the answer to most/all of the questions on the exam.  As you read the stem, cover the possible answers with your hand or a piece of scratch paper.

Try to anticipate the correct response before you are distracted with all the other options your instructor has provided.

Finally, uncover the responses.

  • If you see the response you anticipated, or something very close to it, circle or mark it, and double-check to make sure none of the other responses are more appropriate.
  • If you do not see the response that you expected, then skip that question (don't let yourself panic over it) and move on.  Because multiple choice tests often repeat terms and ideas throughout, you may discover something further on in the exam that will help you answer questions you passed over earlier.