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Tips on How to Take Multiple Choice Exams

Four critical elements in each test question

  • the key words
  • the subject-most times, the question relates to the client; it could also relate to a patient's family members, or a nurse or other health care provider
  • the issue-the problem that needs to be solved (like a diet, drug, behavior, illness, or disorder)
  • the stem



A client is receiving care at the clinic.  Her doctor has prescribed an iron supplement and an increased amount of Vitamin C in her dietThe nurse understands that the best rationale for increasing Vitamin C in the client's diet is:

a.  it will help decrease the content of iron absorbtion inhibitors

b.  it decreases bioavailability of dietary iron

c.  ascorbic acid aids in the absorption of dietary nonheme iron

d.  it prevents the formation of insoluble and unabsorbable iron compounds