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Study Skills After Class

While it is your responsibility to study outside of class and complete all your assignments, there are a few things you can do to make your study time more productive:

  • Review. 

    • Directly after class (within the hour, if possible) casually review your notes for 10-15 minutes.  This will make it much easier to recall information when you are studying later, and will allow you to see places where you may have missed information, had a question that did not get answered, or areas where you need further clarification.


  • Don't highlight! 

    • When you are studying, reading your textbook, or reviewing your notes, avoid highlighting.  The colors are usually harsh on the eyes and students are often tempted to highlight large blocks of text that are unhelpful for later study.  Use a pen or pencil (in an exciting color if you wish) and underline meaningful sections of text, leave yourself notes in the margins, or mark places where you may have questions or need clarification.


  • Annotate. 

    • The more familiar you are with your textbook, the easier it will be to study and recall information later.  Leaving yourself notes in the margins makes it easier to locate material within the text and provides an additional, more personalized, study tool.  Whether it is a question mark (something you don't understand), exclaimation point (something that surprised you) or a check mark (something you understand well), or entire notes to yourself (for example, "I disagree.  This action is not within a Rad. Tech.'s scope of responsibilities."), making your textbok your own greatly improves retention of the material.


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