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The lab has called the RN about a problem with a urine culture sample.  The RN informs the LVN that he/she needs to obtain another urine sample culture and sensitivity, stating, "The other sample is contaminated."  What should the LVN be aware of regarding this proceedure?  Select the correct answer below and provide a short statement about how/why you arrived at that conclusion.

A.  If the client has a foley catheter bag to gravity drainage, collect urine directly from bag

B.  Obtain a non-sterile specimen cup for the proceedure

C.  The specimen is collected in a sterile manner using proper technique

D.  Even if the client is independent, only the nurse should obtain the specimen



What is the question?  Rewrite the question in your own words.

The question is asking me about sterile and proper

collection techniques.______________________


What is the answer?  State the answer in one sentence (should only take a couple of minutes).

The LVN needs to be aware of proper collection technique, sterility of

samples, and the responsibilities of an LVN._Answer C fits best (note

that it is also the most global response). ______________________


If necessary, outline the information you’ll need to include in the response (AKA: create a priority list).

I.  Proper collection technique

II.  Details about sterile collection technique

III.  The role and responsibilities of an LVN in terms of client care

IV.  Equipment use (for this proceedure)




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