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Tips on How to Take Multiple Choice Exams

Techniques to use before class:

  • take a few minutes to review the chapter before class-10-20 minutes
  • Preview
    • casually look through the chapter that will be covered in class/lecture; notice any section headings, charts, pictures, or key terms.
  • Quick Read-Through
    • skim the chapter, focusing specifically on the first (topic sentence) and last (restatement of point) sentence in each paragraph.  These sentences sandwich the paragraph and will provide the most information about the paragraph's content.
  • Quick Review
    • look through the chapter quickly, specifically noting areas you may be confused by.  This will help you formulate questions to ask during class/lecture.
  • have a personalized written plan of your study schedule
  • For each week of classes, write out a study plan.  Include hours you plan to read and annotate your text, complete assignments, lab work, or handouts, visit professors' office hours if needed, participate in a study group, and any other committment you may have related to scholastic success.