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Curricular Practical Training

Who May Apply

  • F-1 International student who is in good status.
  • Student taking a Clinical and Field Practice class listed in the PCC catalog.
  • Student has been officially accepted into the program.
  • Student is referred by the department to the placement site.

Conditions of Work

  • The class must be a requirement of the student’s major.
  • Student will earn credit in their major field of study for participating on site.

Although CPT is usually not done for pay, there is no regulation that it cannot be.

How to Apply

Bring the following to International Student Center:

  1. Proof of class registration
  2. Letter from the department providing:
    • The name or the placement site
    • Address
    • Dates of field practice
    • How the practical training is related to the major
  3. I-20
  4. Completed PDF Application for Curricular Practical Training

Important Information

  • CPT is authorized by the International Student Center.
  • If the student does not have a Social Security card, a letter will be provided to the student to take to the local Social Security office. Fieldwork CANNOT begin until the card is received.