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Research Calendar

The research conducted by IPRO is generally focused on improving college effectiveness which includes operations, instruction, and services to students. The following outlines the current annual calendar for research activities:

IPRO research calendar as PDF. Details below.Current month by month IPRO Calendar(pdf) as a PDF

Project Task Time Frame
Accreditation ACCIC Annual Report Annual
Accreditation Send College Catalog to Commission Annual
Accreditation Substantive Change

As Needed

Accreditation Reports/Midterm/follow-up As Needed
ARCC PreliminaryReview Dec. - Jan.
ARCC Self-Assessment Feb.
ARCC Board Report May
ARCC BSI report July
IPEDS Fall Collection: Institutional Characteristics Sept. - October
IPEDS Completions, 12-month enrollment Sept. - October
IPEDS Winter Collection: Human Resources Dec. - Jan.
IPEDS Financial Aid Jan.
IPEDS Spring Collection: Graduation Rates and Finance April
Enrollment Summary Reports Enrollment Summary Reports Weekly
Surveys Fall Student Survey September
Surveys Campus Climate Survey Oct.-Every2-3years
Surveys Campus Technology Survey Nov.-Every2-3years
Surveys CCSSE Mar/Apr/Mayevery3years
Surveys President's Evaluation Survey Mar., odd years only
Surveys Ad-hoc Survey Requests all year -as requested
Observations Observations July - October, April - June

Fast Facts

Fast Facts October (Fall Flex Day)
Planning and Program Review Program Review Data

July - August, June

Planning and Program Review Planning Data July - August, June
Planning and Program Review Planning Process Aug. - June
Strategic Planning Strategic Planning July-Oct., Dec., Mar., May-June
Program Review Program Review July - June Cyclical
HS Feeder Report HS Feeder Rport October
Student Characteristics Summer July
" Fall September
" Winter February
" Spring April
Title IX Equity in Athletics Report Title IX Equity in Athletics Report September, November
FTES FTES July, Nov., April
Transfer Report/NSC Transfer Report/NSC August, February
CCCCO Referential File download Winter/Spring July - August
  Summer/Fall May - June
Environmental Scan Environmental Scan July - September, Every 5 years
Policies & Procedures Tracking & Review Policies & Procedures Tracking & Review July - June , monthly
Other Certify VTEA numbers January
  BOT Self Evaluation April, annual
  Research Findings July,Sept.,Nov.Jan.,Mar.,May, six per year
  Graduation Report June, annual
  College-wide Strategic Planning Report July, January, mid-year & year-end
Ad Hoc Research Requests Ad Hoc Research Requests July - June, daily
NEW Placement testing trend report November, annual
  Alumni Survey May, every 2 years
  SLO Assessment Report December - February, annually