Pasadena City College, Home of the PCC Lancers


Project Begins September 10, 2012
Test/Conversion/Training Environment October 2012
Production Environment Complete December 1, 2012
Student Person, General Student and Academic History and Financial Aid Migrations January 1, 2013
Begin Processing CCC Apply Admission Applications for Summer/Fall 2013 March 2013
Begin Processing Financial Aid for 2013 March 2013

Self Service for Students and Faculty Go Live; Summer Registration Go Live; DegreeWorks Go Live; Operational Data Store (ODS) for Student and Financial Aid Go Live

May 2013
Banner Replacement Management (Retention & Communication to At-Risk Students) Go Live June 2013
Finance Go Live; ODS for Finance Go Live; Financial Self Service Go Live; Workflow Go Live; FLEX Registration Go Live July 2013
LancerPoint Portal and Fall Registration Go Live July 13, 2013
Travel and Expense Go Live; Payroll Go Live November 2013
Human Resources Go Live; ODS for Human Rresources Go Live; Human Resources Self Service Go Live January 1, 2014
Project Ends January 31, 2014