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Off Campus Access Information

Off campus access to Library subscription databases is available to currently enrolled PCC Students, Staff and Faculty. Public Patrons may access these databases from stations located inside the library building.


Log into library databases using your LancerPoint Username and Password.  Use the LancerPoint Account Manager to look up your username or reset your password.

Faculty and Staff

Log into library databases using the same Network ID and Password as your PCC computer and e-mail account.


PCC Library uses server based software called EZproxy to facilitate access to its online subscriptions for off campus users. Below are some frequently asked questions that may help you if you are experiencing problems accessing the online resources.

After I log in, I get a security warning indicating that I am about to be redirected to a connection that is not secure. Is this a problem?
Security Alert Warning Image
This is not a problem. Just choose the "yes" or "ok" button to continue. Our log in page is set up to use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt your login, providing additional protection during the login process. After you have successfully logged in you are connected with the database resource you selected, which in most cases does not use SSL technology. The browser is just letting you know that the site you are being sent to next is not using this encryption technology.
I got an Hostname error.  What do I do?

You will get a Hostname Error page when you try to access an address (domain) in one of our databases that has not been set up for use by EZproxy. Database vendors often change their domain names without informing libraries. We might not know of these changes until you report a Hostname Error. Once reported, we can edit our Ezproxy settings so that access becomes available.

To expedite correction of this error, please fill out an Off Campus Access Problem Report.

Please include:

  • the name of the resource you were trying to access
  • the computer hostname line listed on the error page
I have read everything here and still can't access library resources from off campus. Where can I get help?
Fill out an Off Campus Access Problem Report and someone will contact you to help resolve the problem within 24 hours (except weekends and holidays).