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1. Library Catalog - Find Books, Reference Books and other library material

The Library Catalog is a database of books and other resources located in the library's collection. To find resources in the library by subject, you will need a call number which is based on the Dewey Decimal or Library of Congress Classification System and leads you to the specific item on the shelf. To find the call number, use the Library Catalog. (

Basic Search

Use the Basic Search to look for an item using keyword anywhere or in a specific field (eg. title field or subject field).

To find information about a person, use the Subject tab and type the person’s name (last name, first). 
To find information on a topic, you can use your keyword search results to identify library subject headings or you can select the Subject tab and type in a library subject heading.

Examples of Subject Headings:

  • Bacteriology
  • Biology
  • Cytology
  • Evolution (Biology)
  • Regeneration (Biology)

Related subjects (Narrower, Broader and See also):

  • Biodiversity
  • Biochemistry
  • Cells
  • Marine Biology

To search for a title you have two options: 1. select title from the drop down menu (to search by title keyword) or 2. select from the drop down menu title browse, to search by exact title wording. (Skip the first word of the title if it is an article, e.g. 'a', 'an' or 'the')

To search by author, select the Author tab, then type in the author's last name, then first name, e.g. 'Hemingway, Ernest'.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search is used to combine topics, select search fields, and use other limitors to narrow a search.    You may want to search for an item using part of a title and selecting the title field from the drop down menu.  Another option is to search by ISBN.

Search for: drug resistant bacteria [any of these], Search in: [Keyword Anywhere]

Search for: Marine biology [as a phrase], Search in: [Keyword Anywhere]
Search for: Plankton [all of these], Search in: [Keyword Anywhere]

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2. Reference Books

Basically, there are two kinds of reference books: general resources, which are broad in scope and deal with all fields; and specialized resources, which deal with specific disciplines such as biology. The titles cited below are only a representative sample of many specialized reference books that are available in the library.

Specialized Dictionaries

  • McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Bioscience REF 570.3 M 1
  • Facts on File Dictionary of Biology REF 570.3 F 1

Specialized Encyclopedias

  • Cambridge Encyclopedia of Human Evolution REF 599.938 C 3
  • Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior REF 591.5 E 8
  • Encyclopedia of Environmental Biology REF 574.503
  • Encyclopedia of Evolution REF 576.803 E 1
  • Habitats and Ecosystems: an Enyclopedia of Endangered America REF 577.02 C 1
  • World Atlas of Biodiversity REF 577.02 G 1
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3. Databases and Indexes - Find Articles

To access databases from the main library page, look under "Find Articles" and Browse Databases by Name | by Subject (

  • Proquest Search this database of periodical articles, to find magazines, scholarly journals and other types of articles. As with the catalog, search under a variety of terms. Use specific words to narrow your search. To search for a specific phrase use quotation marks (examples: "plant reproduction", "universal ancestor", "MADS genes". You can click on "Publications" (top/left of page) and select "Journal Subject - Biology" (right menu) to get a list of Biology publications included in the ProQuest database.
  • Science Full Text Select Full text science database of over 300 journals in a broad range of science topics. Use Advanced Search or click Browse to search by subject.
  • GreenFILE Includes citations and some full text of open access scholarly, general interest titles, government documents and reports focused on human interaction with the environment.
  • To browse or search to see if the Library has a subscription to a particular magazine, newspaper, or journal title use the Periodical Title List (
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4. Resources on the World Wide Web

Internet Public Library (Science & Technology section)
Subject directory which provides Web site summaries and subject access to the Web.

Google Scholar
Click on "Scholar preferences" to show holdings at "Pasadena City College" or other libraries.

Public Library of Science
Includes PLoS Biology - A Peer-Reviewed Open-Access Journal (full text)

A free archive full text research articles from over 300 research journals. (Part of PubMed: an abstract database of millions of biomedical journals).

Scholarly Internet Resource Collections

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