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CQ Researcher

1. Getting Started

CQ or Congressional Quarterly Researcher is published weekly online and in print.  These reports include in depth coverage of current social and political issues, issues in the news and controversial issues.  It includes "Pro/Con" essays; bibliographies listing other book, magazine and online sources; chronologies (time lines of significant dates).  These reports are a good source for tables, maps, statistics, and more. 

CQ Researcher is available from the Shatford Library home page.  Click on Browse databases by Name. (

You will need your Network and ID to log in.   For help with this see the Off Campus Access Information page.

The Shatford Library also subscribes to the print copy of CQ Researcher.  It is located in the Reference Collection on the second floor (main floor) of the library.  Shelf location:  REF 307 E 3 (one volume per year, beginning with 1991). These can be photocopied or used anywhere inside the library.   You can also find it in the Periodicals Collection on the second floor (main floor) of the library.  The past ten years are available.  These can be photocopied or checked out for one day.

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2. Searching

In the Quick Search box type a keyword  or phrase.

  • Use quotes around phrases.   For example: “school desegregation”
  • Use OR to include both terms.  For example: “gay marriage” OR “civil unions”
  • Use NOT to exclude a term.  For example: privatizing NOT medicare
  • Use W/10 (any number) to find a word within 10 words of another.
     For example: terrorism w/10 biological

Advanced Search can be used to limit your search to a specific section or date range.  A new window will pop up when you click on Advanced Search.  In advanced searching you may want to sort results by date order, relevancy or alphabetically.

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3. Emailing and Printing

Look for the drop down menu options at the top of each report to print or email an article from the database.

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