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1. Library Catalog - Books and Media

Books (date published - descending)

April 4, 1968: Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Death and How It Changed America   by Michael Eric Dyson, 2008.     323.4092 K 2-56    

Going Down Jericho Road: the Memphis Strike, Martin Luther King's Last Campaign  by Michael K. Honey, 2007.  
323.4092 K 2-55

At Canaan's Edge: America in the King Years, 1965-68 by Taylor Branch,  2006.   973.92 B 7-3

Leaders of the Civil Rights Movement by Jill Karson, editor, 2005.   323.0922 L 1

To the Mountaintop: Martin Luther King Jr.'s Sacred Mission to Save America, 1955-1968 by Stewart Burns, 2004.   323.4092 K 2-54

Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and the Civil Rights Struggle of the 1950s and 1960s: A Brief History with Documents   by David Howard-Pitney, editor, 2004.   323.173 M 2

Act of State: the Execution of Martin Luther King by William F. Pepper,2003.   323.4092 K2-53 

Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.: the Boundaries of Law, Politics, and Religion by Lewis V. Baldwin et al. 2002. 323.4092 K 2-51

Martin Luther King, Jr. by  Marshall Frady, 2002.   323.4092 K 2-48

King Came Preaching: the Pulpit Power of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by Mervyn A. Warren, 2001. 323.4092 K 2-50

America Reborn: a Twentieth-century Narrative in Twenty-six Lives by Martin Walker, 2000. 920.073 W 8

I May Not Get There With You: the True Martin Luther King, Jr. by Michael Eric Dyson, 2000. 323.4092 K 2-45

King: the Photobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr. by Charles Richard Johnson, 2000. 323.4092 K 2-46

Community, Violence, and Peace : Aldo Leopold, Mohandas K. Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Gautama the Buddha in the Twenty-first Century by A. L. Herman, 1999.   303.6 H 1

African American Leadership by Ronald W. Walters and Robert C. Smith, 1999.   303.3408996 W 1

Pillar of Fire: America in the King Years, 1963-65 by Taylor Branch, 1998.   973.92 B 7-2

Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.   edited by Claiborne Carson, 1998.   323.4092 K 2-42

Last Crusade: Martin Luther King, Jr., the FBI, and the Poor People's Campaign by Gerald D. McKnight, 1998.     323.1196 M2

Toward a Theology of Radical Involvement: the Theological Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. by Luther D. Ivory, 1997. 323.4092 K 2-44

Martin Luther King, the Inconvenient Hero by Vincent Harding, 1996. 323.4092 K 2-43

Words of Martin Luther King Junior selected by Coretta Scott King, 1996. 323.4092 K 1-12

Martin Luther King, Jr. by Adam Fairclough, 1995.   323.4092 K 2-35

He Had a Dream: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement by Flip Schulke, 1995. 323.4029 K 2-34

King Among  the Theologians by Noel Leo Erskine; foreword by Bernice A. King, 1994.   323.4092 K 2-39

Northern Protest: Martin Luther King, Jr., Chicago, and the Civil Rights Movement by James R. Ralph Jr., 1993.  323.4092 K 2-36

We Shall Overcome: Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Black Freedom Struggle, edited by Peter J. Albert and Ronald Hoffman, 1990.  323.4092 K 2-32

Black Leadership in America: from Booker T. Washington to Jesse Jackson by John White, 1990. 973.0496 W 3  

Parting the Waters: America in the King Years, 1954-63 by Taylor Branch,  1988.   973.92 B 7   

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Apostle of Militant Nonviolence  by James A. Colaiaco,1988.   323.4092 K 2-26

Martin Luther King, Jr.: a Profile, edited by C. Eric Lincoln.   323.4092 K 2-5 1984

Code Name "Zorro”: the Murder of Martin Luther King, Jr. by Mark Lane, Dick Gregory, 1977. 323.4092 K 2-22

King God Didn't Save; Reflections on the Life and Death of Martin Luther King, Jr., by John A. Williams. 323.4092 K 2-9

I Have a Dream: the Life and Times of Martin Luther King, Jr. by Lenwood G. Davis, 1969. 323.4092 K 2-11

My Life with Martin Luther King, Jr. King, Coretta Scott King, 1969.   323.4092 K 2

To Kill a Black Man by Louis E. Lomax, 1968.   301.45 L 8

What Manner of Man; a Biography of Martin Luther King, Jr. With an introd. by Benjamin E. Mays. Bennett, Lerone, 1964.   323.4092 K2-2

MEDIA (Date published - descending)

                                                               Video Recordings

Citizen King, 1963-1968 by ROJA Productions film for American experience in association with the BBC and WGBH Boston; produced, directed and written by Orlando Bagwell and W. Noland Walker. 2004. PBS Video Series V 395-396 (2nd floor Videocassettes, Library)

Martin Luther King, Jr.: “I have a dream”, 2004. Call Number: D0143. (New Media Center, on campus use only)

Boycott.  2001.  Call Number:  D 0230.  (New Media Center, on campus use only)

Legacy of a Dream produced for the Martin Luther King Foundation by Richard Kaplan Productions; written, produced, and directed by Richard Kaplan, 1990.  323.4092 K 2-41 (2nd floor Videocassettes, Library)

In Remembrance of Martin WNET-TV, New York, 1986. 323.4092 K 2-25 (2nd floor Videocassettes, Library)

Ask the reference librarian to direct you to the videos which are located on the main floor of the library and circulate for 3 days.


A Call to Conscience the Landmark Speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Time Warner Audiobooks, 2001. 323.4092 K 2-49 (2nd floor Oversize Audio Visual)

Why I Oppose the War in Vietnam (Taken from a sermon, delivered by Dr. King on April 16, 1967, at Atlanta's Ebenezer Baptist Church), 1970. 323.4092 K 1-8 (2nd floor Audio Cassettes)

My Life with Martin Luther King, Jr. King, Coretta Scott, 1969.  323.4092 K 2-12 (2nd floor Audio Cassettes)

To check the availability of Books, Audiocassettes, or Videocassettes, do a title search for the item in the Library Catalog. ( 

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2. Databases and Indexes - Find Articles

To access databases from the main library page, look for Browse Databases by Nameby Subject (

Ethnic News Watch Full text articles of ethnic, minority and native press.

JSTOR Full text articles of older scholarly journals.

Project Muse Scholarly full text articles covering the humanities and sciences.

Proquest Full-text articles from magazines, newspapers and scholarly journals.

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3. Resources on the World Wide Web

Use the ipl2 site ( or the websites listed below.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project
Includes primary and secondary documents from Stanford University and the King Center  

University of Rhode Island Multicultural Center
Includes Martin Luther King links, Interactive Quiz, Civil Rights Museum highlights, and the MLK Think Center  

African American History  
Includes biographies, photographs, quotes, etc.

Black History
Includes sources on Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and the Civil Rights Movement

African American Mosaic
Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture

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