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POLSC 6 The U.S. and World Politics

1. Library Catalog - Find Books and Media

The Library Catalog is a database of books and media located in the library's collection. To find resources in the library by subject, you will need a call number which is based on the Dewey Decimal Classification System and leads you to the specific item on the shelf. To find the call number, use the library catalog. (

Subject Search

First, try a Subject search to focus on books about your topic. Keep the subjects fairly broad. On the Basic Search tab select 'Subject Browse' from the drop-down menu.

Examples of subject headings:

  • North Korea -- See Korea (North)
  • Globalization
  • International relations

If subject browse searches return few or no results, try your terms in a basic keyword anywhere search. You can narrow your search by entering several specific terms. Note that you do not have to enter 'stop words' (and, the, with, to...) - just enter the keywords only. On the Basic Search tab select 'keyword anywhere' from the drop down menu.

Sample searches:

  • North Korea nuclear policy
  • International relations Iraq
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2. Reference Books

Basically, there are two kinds of reference books: general resources, which are broad in scope and deal with all fields; and specialized resources, which deal with specific disciplines such as political science. In general, most reference books that will be of interest for your assignments will be between the call numbers 310-389 (on the main floor). Reference books must be used in the library.

Sample reference resources

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3. Databases and Indexes - Find Articles

Use the library databases to locate published articles from magazine, newspaper and scholarly journal sources. From off campus, you will need to log in using your network ID and password. Databases can be accessed from the home page of the Library Web Site under "Find Articles" - and select "Databases by Subject". (

  • Proquest: Thousands of journal, magazine, and newspaper articles covering all disciplines.

    Hint: Use the Suggested Topics and Narrow Your Results features at the top of the results screens to help narrow your search.

    Hint: Use the Advanced Search tab to limit your search to Book Reviews or Articles about a person.

    Hint: Search within individual publications by selecting the Publications tab.

    Recommended publications include:

    • American Political Science Review
    • EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) reports
    • Foreign Policy
    • Foreign Affairs
    • World Politics
    • Political Science Quarterly
    • Wall Street Journal
    • New York Times
    • Christian Science Monitor
  • CountryWatch: Political, business, and economic information and news about every country in the world. Hint: Select your country using the drop down menu at the bottom of the CountryWatch home page.
  • CQ Researcher: Articles covering controversial issues with summaries. Hint: Pay attention to the publication date of the "booklet". Results are sorted by relevance and not by date.
  • SIRS Knowledge Source: Articles from popular magazines, newspapers and U.S. government publications. Hint: Try both a Subject Headings search (default) and a keyword/natural language search to find relevant articles.
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4. Resources on the World Wide Web

Finding reliable information on the web can be difficult.
Use the ipl2 site or see recommended websites below.

CIA World Factbook       
U.S. State Department  
Indexes federal government documents on the internet.
Google's Uncle Sam
Indexes government web pages.
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5. Citing Your Sources

Cite the articles as you would the print version, and then add information needed to locate the electronic version. N=note (footnote or endnote), B=bibliography



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Diana Hacker: includes a Chicago Style citation guide and a sample paper.

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