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Select Browse Databases by Name, Proquest (

1.  Basic Search  Basic Search makes finding information easy.  Just type in key words or phrases related to the information you want and click Search.

2.  Search Tips

  • When you type in a word, words, or a specific phrase in the search field, you can join words with AND, OR, or AND NOT to focus your search.
  • Use quotation marks to indicate a phrase longer than two words.

Examples:              Internet OR web              Internet AND “web site design”

  • Additional features can be found under Tools: Search Tips

 3.  Focus your search (optional) by selecting:

  • Suggested topics:  Underneath search results, click on headings.
  • Database:  Multiple Databases or Interdisciplinary
  • Date range:  All dates, Last 30 days, Last 12 months, etc.
  • Limit results to:  Full text articles only or Scholarly journals including peer reviewed
  • More Search Options:  Publication title, Author, Document type, Publication type, etc.

ProQuest Basic search screen


Follow these steps to find the most relevant articles:

  1. Think of a question related to your search.   For example:   How does El Niño affect storms in the Atlantic Ocean?
  2. Identify the most important words.  In this example you might choose    El Niño and storms and Atlantic Ocean
  3. Group your search words using Boolean operators. 
           Your search now looks like this:
                    El Niño AND storms AND Atlantic Ocean.
  4. NOTE: ProQuest is not “case-sensitive”.  A search for “El Niño” finds the same articles as a search for “el nino”.

Review your RESULTS list.  Articles are listed in order by date published, most recent first.    Click on the article title or an icon  next to the article to see: 

Tips for searching(abstract) or  Article display(full text)  or Review recent searches (text with graphics) or 
proquest examples  (full image - PDF)

Click the box to the left of the article to MARK articles of interest or read selected article abstracts, citations or full text online.

You can PRINT or EMAIL or SAVE articles to your disk (click PRINT to reformat then use FILE - SAVE AS.  Select .txt for text only; .html to include images)


Click on My Research to review recent searches.  You can see the search results from your last search, and other recent searches.

Check the box next to articles to create a Marked List of articles that interest you.

Visited Publications  displays the publications that you have viewed during your session.

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