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Smart Classroom Installation Information

The process for requesting new smart classrooms begins with a Smart Classroom Request Form which can be downloaded from this web page.

For information on requesting a smart classroom installation or to request a smart cart for your department, please contact Johari DeWitt-Rogers at or x7730.

(pdf)PCC Smart Classroom Request form

(pdf)PDF of the Smart Classroom flier pictured below.

PCC Media Services Fall 2007

Smart Classroom Installation Options

picture of smart box  picture of smart box

Level 1 system includes the following:

  • LCD data projector
  • LCD data projector lens
  • VGA input Data Projector
  • Input and cable for laptop (15ft)
  • VHS/DVD combo Player
  • SP Controls Smart Control System
  • Fold-out wall rack unit
  • SP Controls amplifier 100W
  • SP Controls SmartPanel and audio interface
  • Data projector security Laptop cage , alarm, and cables
  • Audio Powered speakers
  • Replacement data projector Extra lamp
  • 50ft VGA cable
  • Electric Screen, control, and mounts
  • Closed Captioning Decoder box

There are 2 types of installations.

  1. Ceiling mounted - Cost $8500 (Not including tax and installation)*
    picture of celing mounted installation
    *does not include asbestos abatement if necessary (U and R building) at $4000 per room
  2. Wall mounted - Cost $14800 (Not including tax and installation)
    picture of wall mounted installation

Level 2 - Custom design based on user needs

Smart Carts

Level 1 Smart carts include the following:

  • Cart
  • LCD Data Projector
  • 15 ft VGA cable for laptop connection s
  • VHS/DVD combo player
  • Powered speaker
  • Powered speaker mount
  • Security cable   
  • Power strip
  • Replacement data projector lamp
  • Closed Captioning Decoder box

Cost $3218 (not including tax or installation)

Level 2 - All level 1 items AND the following:

  • picture of smart cart
    Cart with Keyboard tray
  • Rack shelf for VHS/DVD player
  • Cart side fabrication
  • PC computer
  • LCD 15" monitor   
  • LCD monitor support bracket   
  • Keyboard       
  • Mouse   
  • VGA splitter   
  • 6ft VGA - for connection of computer to projector
  • Closed Captioning Decoder box

Cost $4838 (not including tax or installation)

Optional - 8'x6' Pull-down Projection Screen - $255 (not including tax or installation)

Process for Requesting New Smart Clasroom

  1. The process for requesting a new smart classroom begins with the Smart Classroom Request Form which can be downloaded from this web page. This form is to be signed by the requester(s) and the division dean which confirms the availability of funding for the project.
  2. A meeting will be scheduled for the requester(s) to meet with the smart classroom project management team to discuss the equipment and budget details of the requested installation, installation priority, and possible installation dates. The team will examine the selected classroom to determine the room's readiness for installation.
  3. Equipment purchasing information will be provided to the requester(s) and the clerical staff of the requesting division will prepare and process the requisitions to purchase the smart classroom equipment. The team will create a prioritized list of requested smart classrooms.
  4. Once the equipment is purchased, the team will meet with facilities and computing services to schedule and finalize installation details.
  5. The requester(s) and division dean will be routinely informed of the progress of the project up to the point of project completion.
  6. As new smart classrooms are completed, the classroom scheduler will be notified to add this information to the classroom inventory database.