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News: Pasadena Area Community College District Adopts Budget for 2012 2013 Fiscal Year

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The Pasadena Area Community College District Board of Trustees voted to adopt the 2012-13 budget proposed by the Pasadena City College administration at its Sept. 5 meeting.

The proposed budget reflects the deep cuts coming from Sacramento, yet it deflects the shock of these cuts from the classroom - PCC will offer more than 4,700 class sections during the year.

“We have constructed a fiscally conservative and balanced budget that deals with the fiscal reality of California,” said Robert Miller, PCC senior vice president and assistant superintendent for Business and College. “We have done our very best to keep cuts away from the classroom, yet the cuts from Sacramento has made that very difficult to do.”

The PACCD adopted budget is a balanced budget without borrowing, while preserving cash needed to make up for the state’s deferrals of payments to all community colleges. The budget adheres to the District’s longstanding policy of exceeding state funding for enrollment by no more than 2%. The budget includes a $10.5 million funding reduction from the state, which includes $1.8 million from reserves to mitigate the impact on classes to students.

The adopted budget assumes that no additional funding from the state is forthcoming. If Proposition 30 does not pass in November, no further cuts will be required, since the cuts are already budgeted. If Proposition 30 passes, the state will defer payment of the funds until next June.

There are also efficiencies built into the adopted budget. The budget assumes about $600,000 in savings from the new student calendar that moves up the start of spring classes to Jan. 7. The budget also assumes about $800,000 in additional revenue from international and out-of-state students. 

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Release Date: 09/10/2012
Contact: Juan F. Gutierrez , Director, Public Relations
Phone: (626) 585-7315

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