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News: LancerPoint faculty training begins with Summer 2013 semester

The month of June marked the start of LancerPoint faculty training for Summer 2013. From June 6 to June 21, faculty members learned how to utilize LancerPoint and access its newest features. The meeting held on Wednesday, June 12, was a particularly popular meeting time as Lab D101 was nearly filled to capacity. More than 20 faculty members were present to receive instructions on procedures ranging from waitlist management to inputting student grades. 

The tutorial, led by led by associate professor Carol Curtis, began with a step-by-step guide for the employee first-time login option. This entailed setting up several security questions for future password retrieval. Curtis then outlined the numerous features, which are detailed below, that are accessible under the Faculty Services tab:

Print Rosters/Add Codes: This feature will enable faculty members to print out and oversee the roster for each of their classes. There is also an option to download rosters onto Microsoft Excel—a program frequently used by faculty for organizing and keeping track of attendance, grades, etc. Murmurs of “oh, I get it” and “that’s pretty neat” could be heard among faculty members as Curtis outlined these new options.

Summary Class List: This feature provides an overview of the student body for each class. Faculty will have the convenient option of sending email notifications to individual students or the entire class.

Summer Waitlist: This tab grants faculty the ability to view and manage the waitlists for their classes.

Drop Roster Summary: An option for faculty to view their drop roster list, drop students, and send notifications to dropped students.

Midterm/Final Grades & incomplete Grades Summary: A menu for faculty to submit grades, insert information for a failing grade for non-attendance, input grades prior to a student receiving an incomplete grade, and other options.

Faculty Feedback for at-risk students: a new feature, currently under development, that is set to help faculty and at-risk students. For example, if a faculty member is informed by a student that they will need to take time off due to a personal emergency, the original faculty member can input this information and notify other faculty who are teaching that student.

Student Information Menu: A separate menu apart from the Faculty Services tab that shows students’ transcripts, schedules, placement, and other information. Curtis noted that the new placement information option would be useful in allowing faculty to verify that students placed into the class level they are attempting to add.

Although not all of the features reviewed during the meeting are currently accessible to faculty, these features will be completed prior to the start of instruction on June 24. Stay tuned for additional information regarding LancerPoint faculty training for Fall 2013. 

Release Date: 06/21/2013
Contact: Mark Gutierrez , Director Enterprise Applications
Phone: (626) 585-7123

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