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News: Tech Update-July 23

Greetings PCC Family,
We’re in the fourth week of July and that marks 3 weeks into the LancerPoint Finance system. We’ve been very busy getting everyone’s access setup correctly in Finance and things should be settling down.  July 11 marked the launch of the LancerPoint portal which we’re simply calling LancerPoint. July 11 also marked the beginning of the Fall 2013 registration cycle. The summer continues to be busy for all those involved in the LancerPoint project. In this update I’ll be giving a bunch of small tips to help you get the most out of LancerPoint and some general information.
Administrative LancerPoint (Banner/INB) password resets.
 Sometimes people aren’t sure who to contact when they’ve locked up their Banner/INB account. The first thing to try is to get in using the new preferred method for getting into Banner/INB which I will outline below. If that doesn’t work, then you can open an incident at the helpdesk and the password will get reset usually within 24 hours.
Preferred method for getting into Banner/INB
 Use internet explorer and go to and click on the “Production INB” button. You can use your regular network user ID and password.
Locking your workstation when you step away
Depending on your role here at PCC, it could be very dangerous to walk away from your computer and leave Banner/INB open. If you’re an approver that means anyone could get on your computer and approve requisitions. If you have access to student records, then someone could alter student records and all changes will be tracked with your username. In order to avoid this risk, it is recommended that you lock your workstation. If you’re a windows user, you can simple hold the windows-key down and tap the L key. Mac users, please find a method that will work for you; theirs is no simple keystroke like in windows, but you could use a password with your screensaver.
Access to Banner/INB from off campus
 The question has come up about accessing Banner/INB from off campus. Although this might be handy for some, it introduces security risks so off campus use of Banner/INB is not allowed from off campus.
13/14 Parking Permits
 You will soon be able to purchase your 13/14 or Fall 13 parking permits in LancerPoint. This functionality should be available for both staff and students beginning in early August.
Until next time,
Mark Gutierrez

Release Date: 07/25/2013
Contact: Mark Gutierrez , Director Enterprise Applications
Phone: (626) 585-7123

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