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News: Surviving School

Surviving School

Attention CARE, EOP&S and STARS students!!!  Are you equipped to survive the school year?  Not sure, then join us for Surviving School on August 11, 2014, 10am to 6pm in Creveling Lounge. To register click

Are you a CARE, EOP&S or STARS student? Are you equipped to survive the school year?  We want you to be successful in your academic journey.  Surviving School brings together campus resources, testing and study tips, stress relievers, computer tips, tutoring resources, yoga/meditation workshops, nutrition as brain food and even make your own aromatherapy as tools you can walk away with tools to thrive during school.  We have school supplies, food and incentives.  To learn more and register for the event and specific workshops, click the link: For questions, call either Foster Care office 626-585-3037 or EOP&S/CARE 626-585-7493.

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Release Date: 07/24/2014
Contact: Theresa Reed , Project Coordinator
Phone: (626) 585-3037