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PCC faculty and staff who have attended an intensive three-day workshop:

Admissions & Records:
Margaret Ramey
Business & Computer Technology:
Suprio Bannerjee, Bpaek Young
Virginia Berrettini, Cela Espinoza-Hancuff, Eleanor Gray, Pairia Hallie ,Danny Hammon, Marina Hinds, Steve Pell, Maryam Zardoost
Sara Aldas-Miranda , James Aragon, Yang-Shim Chang, Amy Cheung, Patty D’Orange-Marti, Cecile Davis-Anderson, Janis Dwyer, Barbara Griffith, Beth Kaiama, Gena Lopez, Ed Martinez, Jeanie Nishime, Ana Ogaz, Evangelina Quintanar, Marina Romans, Ivette Rosas, Leticia Sanchez, Wendy Skarupa, Kathryn Swain, Lan Truong, MJ Warrender , Evangelina Quintanar
Jo Buczko, Bianca Richards
Engineering & Technology:
Ted James
Karen Carlisi Diana Francisco, Monika Hogen, Terry Keeler, Donna Mitoma, Donna Mungen, Manny Perea, Elsie Rivas-Gomez, Joe Sierra , Michelle Toby, Amy Ulmer, Silvia Villanueva, Lynn Wright, Luke Will, Ruoyi Wu
Regenia Cooper, Anjelica Diaz, Lynell Wiggins, Liz Walsh, Laura Rojas
Health Sciences:
Susan Clifford, Debbie Ford, Lori Gagliardi, Kristen Hyatt, Ivonne Joriff, Joyce Muyingo, Donna Nielsen, Stephanie Shmidt, Paula Smith, Maryann Aquirre, Gilda Ilano-Teal, Pauline Lu, Jeong O
Mary-Erin Crook, Jennifer Garson, Gloria Horton, Cathy Johnson, Lydia McDonald, Michelle Pedrini, Shelagh Rose, Nancy Rutzen, Christina Salazar, Xiu-Zhi Wu
Learning Assistance Center:
Aida Dzhanhunts
Ramachandran Hemalatha, Patricia Johnson, Krista Goguen
Grayr Andreasyn, Tamar Avineri, Sharon Bober, Dmitri Budarin, Angela Ceballos, Yu-Chung Chang-Hou, Mei-Ling Cheng, Jay Cho, Ann Davis, Jorge Encinas, Maria Faccuseh, Dan Gallup, Rudy Gonzalez, Francoise Grand-Clement, Charles Hogue, Michelle Ingram, Carrie Mortensen, Donna Nordstrom, Keith Oberlander, Pat Peach, Quyen Phong, Nii-Boye Simpson-Rogers, Vandonna Sood, Roger Yang, Nikolay Yeaganov, Yoshi Yamato
Johari Dewitt-Rogers
Natural Sciences:
Erika Catanese, Chia-Wei Chen, Dave Dounglas, Darcey Mack, Khuloud Sweimeh, Teri Trendler
Performing & Communication Arts:
Cheryl Banks-Smith, Bob Eaton, Rich Eisbrouch, Rita Gonzalez, Catrelia Magee, Jerry McGill, Betty Oka, Jeff Rudisill
Physical Education:
Doris Caufman, Jessie Moore, Terry Stoddard
Pyschological Services:
Anna Salaman
Social Services:
Ernesto Bustillos, Kay Dabelow, Amada Han, Harold Martin
Student Affairs:
Carrie Afuso, Sandra Hill
Transfer Center:
Dina Chase
Visual Arts & Media Studies:
Susan Brown, Kay Yee

Faculty play On Course the Game at an On Course refresher workshop to reinforce learning about the victim and creator roles as they relate to graduating from college.
Faculty play On Course the Game at an On Course refresher workshop to reinforce learning about the victim and creator roles as they relate to graduating from college.

"The open-ended environment that still had a tremendous amount of structure." Donna Mungen, English Division

“The information was practical and can be implemented in my personal and professional environment. The variety of presentation methods ie: video, case studies, small group, humor, etc. The participants were not all from the same area of the college.” Anonymous

“Many new strategies for empowering students.” Anonymous

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