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Faculty members have a great opportunity to use On Course in the classroom to improve student success and retention. To learn the eight On Course principles faculty should attend one of the three-day intensive workshops offered yearly. At the workshop you can learn learner-centered strategies to use in the classroom. There are additional websites and materials in the resources listed below to assist you in the classroom. Some websites to refer students to for further knowledge are on the student page of the website.

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Innovative learner-centered strategies for empowering your students to become active, responsible learners. Free downloads available.

The World is Flat lecture - MIT new window icon
In his latest book, The World is Flat, Friedman describes the unplanned cascade of technological and social shifts that effectively leveled the economic world, and “accidentally made Beijing, Bangalore and Bethesda next-door neighbors.” Today, “individuals and small groups of every color of the rainbow will be able to plug and play.”

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The purpose of this quote library is to collect and organize insightful or provocative thoughts related to character and ethics. Many of these quotes are inspiring and may help people acknowledge and live up to the principles that distinguish a good life. Other quotes are witty and light-hearted, while still others may strike some readers as wrong-headed, even corrosive or cynical. The point of this section is not to "endorse" the thoughts herein but to provide an educational resource for readers to use at their discretion.

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An insirational video by the Josephson Institute of Ethics

Pasadena City College faculty during and evening session with Skip Downing, On Course creator at an On Course I workshop at the college.
Pasadena City College faculty during an evening session with Skip Downing, On Course creator at an On Course I workshop at the college.

“This workshop provides many practical strategies for me to help students to achieve their success and me to organize myself better.” Yu-Chung Chang, Math Division

“A very nice balance of theoretical background and practical implementation. Excellent modeling of the activities. The organization and various opportunities for different kinds of participation.” Shelagh Rose, Languages Division

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